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Helpful Hints
We do not accept applications or resumes unless we have an opening.  Those positions will be listed on the Job Openings page.  You can also use the Notify Me option to be informed when job openings occur in the library.

Before the interview:

  • Read the job description carefully.  Minimum qualifications must be met in order to get an interview.
  • Ask questions.  Library staff are happy to try to answer questions for you about the position.
  • Resumes are not required but an online application is.  However, resumes are a good way to add things that are not asked for on the application, like volunteer experience, working as a team or working independently.
  • Be careful when completing the application.  We reject a number of applicants because they make mistakes on the application.  Check your spelling and grammar before submitting the application.
  • Research.  Review the website, come into the library to look around, make yourself familiar with what we do and the kind of environment in which we operate.  We have very few applicants who know anything about the library!
  • Do not misrepresent yourself or your experience.  Make sure your references know we expect to contact them.

If you get an interview:

  • Dress appropriately.
  • Be on time (or a few minutes early).
  • Don't chew gum, use your cell phone, etc.
  • Review the job description again.  The interview will assess your abilities to do the job as described.  For example, you may be asked to explain what experience you have as part of a team or ability to work independently.
  • Be prepared to ask a couple of questions if you are given the opportunity.  It shows an interest in the job.

After the interview:

  • It may not help, but it never hurts to send a thank you note to the interviewer. 
  •  Don't get discouraged if you are not hired.  We keep your application on file and if there is another opening we will review your application.  Who knows, you may even get the job!

Job Requirements:
  • Librarian level positions require extensive knowledge of Dewey Decimal System, OCLC and RDA cataloging, Systems Administration, Supervision, Budgeting, and Collection Management.  These positions typically require a Masters degree in Library Science.
  • Assistant Librarian level positions may require some knowledge of library operations, ILL, Collection Development, Supervision, Financial Management, and Youth Services.  These positions usually require customer service experience and a Bachelors degree.
  • Library Assistant level positions will require good customer service skills, high school diploma, and computer skills.  Library skills are not required but are desirable.
  • Library Page (shelver) level positions require good organizational skills, ability to shelve material, push book carts, and lift boxes.