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Road Study & Funding
Over the last few years, a consistent complaint from residents has been the condition of the roads. In the 2016 resident survey, 70% of the respondents stated that roads should be the top priority for the City. Further, out of all 19 service categories, roads received the lowest quality rating.

In 2016, the City Council hired PEPG Consulting to inventory all of the roads in Highland. Unlike previous studies that were largely based on computer models, this study was based on visual assessment, core samples and subsurface testing of all roads. This approach allowed the City to evaluate the condition of each road, identify the appropriate maintenance or repair strategy and timeline, and prepare cost estimates. Based on the results of the study, the City is spending less than half of what is needed to repair and maintain the roads. As such, we are faced with a choice: increase funding and begin repairing and maintaining the roads properly or continue with the status quo. Continuing the status quo will result in repair and maintenance costs that are almost double what they are today.

The City Council is currently gathering information and studying options to increase funding for maintenance and repair. The Council does not want to place unwarranted costs on Highland City residents, and we are doing everything we can as a City to be efficient and spend tax payer money prudently. However, the amount of money needed to truly impact the quality of the roads is currently not in the City budget.

The City will continue to present more information and final numbers as they become available. Please make sure to read the City newsletter each month, watch City Council agendas, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter. We want to find the best solution for everyone and need citizen input to do so. If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to City staff or the Mayor and Council.