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Candidate Profiles, Financial Statements & Ballot Information 2017

2017 Election Information:

Highland City has two (2) City Council seats and one (1) Mayoral seat 
open during the 2017 election.

The Primary Election will be held on Tuesday, August 15, 2017

All voting will take place via VOTE BY MAIL

For more information contact 
Utah County Election Clerk at 801-851-8128

Jody Bates, City Recorder:


Candidate Profiles

& Financial Statements:

We encourage residents to take the opportunity to get familiar
with the candidates their issues and platforms.

Candidate profiles & financial statements can be found by clicking on the candidate name or financial statement link.

Candidates for Mayor:                       Jessie J. Schoenfeld
Financial Statement

                                                            Sam Orton
  Financial Statement    

                                                            Wayne Knoll Tanaka
Financial Statement

                                                            Rod Mann
Financial Statement

                                                            Cal Miller - Disqualified

Candidates for City Council:              Chris Dayton
Financial Statement

                                                             Scott L. Smith
Financial Statement

                                                             Tim Ball
Financial Statement

                                                             Kevin Braddy - Withdrawn

                                                             Christopher Kemp
Financial Statement

                                                             John Hans Thomas
Financial Statement 

                                                             Dennis LeBaron
Financial Statement 

                                                             Elisabeth Luntz  
Financial Statement   

             Audrey Wright
Financial Statement 

                                                              Kurt Ostler
Financial Statement

                                                              Lawrence U. Vidinha

                 Candidate Contact Information:  Click Here