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Resident Survey
Full Results
During February, Highland City solicited responses to our 2016 Resident Survey. We are thrilled to say 1,094 residents took the survey. Both the number of respondents as well as the demographic markers give us confidence that the results can be applied to the community as a whole. Full results are available in the link above. Below are a few of the things we learned.

The top three reasons people live in Highland are Large Lot Size (55%), Family Focused City (54%), and Low Congestion (41%). The City will do it’s best to preserve those things that are important to so many of you.

The top priorities individuals believe the City should focus on this year are Improving and Repairing Roads (70%) and Debt Reduction (43%). We hear and agree with you. The City is working to address more road maintenance funding in the FY2017 budget. In addition, the City recently refinanced the parks and building bonds saving us nearly $530,000 over the next 11 years.

Some of the highest rate City functions are (out of 4): Fire Service (3.4), EMS (3.3), Cemetery (3.2), Crime Prevention (3.2), Garbage (3.2), and Utility Billing (3.2). We will continue to strive for excellence in those areas. Some of the lowest rated functions are: Roads (1.8), Library (2.5), Events (2.5), and Code Enforcement (2.6). As previously discussed, the City is working to address more road maintenance funding in the FY2017 budget. In addition, the Library is currently undergoing an intense audit and reorganization. And a new staff position has been created with one of the duties as code enforcement.

89% of residents felt general City staff were doing a Good or Excellent at their job. We appreciate your confidence and will continue to do our best to serve you.

Residents strongly prefer communication via the Newsletter (67%), Email (57%), and Website (39%). Staff is currently working to do a re-vamp of the newsletter to ensure it is effective. In addition, a new website and e-mail communication tool will be launched mid-April and staff has been working to ensure it is very user friendly.