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Boise Alexander and Emma Christine Miller Wells:  Boise was born February 7, 1877 in King’s Mountain, York County, North Carolina to David Zechariah and Susan Gordon Wells.  David Wells served in the Civil War and later worked in the White House for President Abraham Lincoln.  After the war he gathered his wife and family and came to Utah for the church.  He ran the first toll bridge into American Fork Canyon, charging 25 cents to those entering. 

Emma was born August 27, 1876 (other records indicate 1877 and 1879) in Lehi, Utah to Martin and Christina Peterson Miller.  They were married July 3, 1900 in American Fork, Utah in the midst of a big snow storm.   They first lived in Lehi for about eight years then moved to Highland and built a home (#76 on the 1958 Highland map) in 1910 (that is still standing in 2017).  They had five children: Elma, Katie, Dick, David and Marion Carl, all but Elma were born in Highland.

They had orchards on the south and north and west of their home and also raised hay and grain.  Boise was a sheep man and had two to three thousand sheep that he grazed in the West Desert as well as in Provo Canyon and near the Strawberry Reservoir.  He hired eight-ten herders to live with the sheep.  Emma hired the Strasburg, Adamson and Miller girls to help with the housework and food preparation.

Emma remembers when the Relief Society prepared a bunch of chickens in boilers for a Relief Society function.  They left them in the boilers overnight and ate them the next day.  Quite a few ladies got sick and her mother-in-law, Susan Gordon Wells died a few days later.

The Wells three older children went to school in Highland and their teachers were Minnie Oberhansley (who later married Laurence Harmon), O. C. Day and Alice Miller.

            Just before Dick was born in 1910, Emma wasn’t well so Kate went to live with Grandma Wells in American Fork Canyon for four or five years.

            Emma died July 26, 1936 in Highland and Boise died in the Bingham hospital July 4, 1947.  They are buried in the American Fork Cemetery.

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