Fiscal Year 2022 - 2023 Upcoming Budget & Fee Increases


Highland City is seeing significant cost increases due to inflation, especially our utility departments as well as wage pressures with public safety. 

As was presented in the May 17 City Council meeting, analysis of the City’s utility funds including culinary water, sewer, storm drain, and pressurized irrigation showed that in total, the base rate for residential utility bills needs to be increased by about $16 per month. Homeowners may also see additional increases in their bill depending on their water use and size of property. These increases will allow the City to have sufficient funds to continue to maintain the utility systems properly without taking on any additional debt. Utility rates do not pay for costs related to new construction. Those costs are born by developers through impact fees which the City Council also recently increased. 

The City’s contracts related to garbage services with Waste Management and the North Point Transfer Station are also being impacted by inflation. For homes that have two garbage cans and one recycling can, the monthly bill will increase by $2.79 per month to keep up with the costs of hauling, dumping, and recycling. 

Due to nearby cities drastically increasing the wages of their public safety personnel, City Council felt the need to respond to be able to better recruit and retain quality police officers and properly staff the fire department. As a result, the Lone Peak Public Safety District increased it’s 2022-2023 budget paid by Highland City by approximately $665,000. Council is currently deciding how to pay for this needed increase including the idea of increasing the public safety fee. 

City Council understands that City budgets are funded by residents who are experiencing inflation in their own family budgets as well. As such, the City is working to find all cost savings it can in the budget to keep the necessary fee increases to residents as low as possible. 

We would encourage residents to get informed about the budget and these proposed increases by viewing previous meeting presentations or attending an upcoming budget meeting. (See details below).

More detailed information will be posted on this page as it becomes available. 

Public Meetings

  • May 17 - City Council Meeting on the Tentative Budget and Work Session on Utility Fee Increases
  • June 6 at 7:00 PM - City Council Budget Work Session 
  • June 14 at 7:15 PM - Budget and Fee Information Session (Please note this was previously advertised for a different date and has been since updated.)

  • June 21 at 7:00 PM - City Council Meeting on the Final Budget

Meeting agendas can be found at the agenda center for the meeting agenda. All meetings will also be broadcast on the City’s YouTube channel