Medallion Hunt


Monday, July 31 - Saturday, Aug 5


  • Hunt will take place on public ground within Highland City Limits
  • The first clue will be read at the Highland Fling Kick-off at Heritage park (7pm), then every day at the Historic Cabin in Heritage Park (10am)

Welcome back to another year of the Highland City Fling Medallion Hunt!  

If you missed it last year...that is a-okay!  It is never too late to get on-board the Utah treasure hunting train.  If you have hunted with us before--we are glad to have you back!  A unique medallion will be hidden on public ground within Highland City limits.  Clues leading to the hiding spot of the medallion will be read daily during The Fling.  The first clue will be read at the Fling Kickoff event: (Monday July 31st, 7:00 pm, Heritage Park).  Remaining clues will be read every day at 10am at the Historic Cabin in Heritage Park (and published on Facebook about an hour after the live reading).  This will be an on-going event beginning at the kickoff of the Fling and continuing until it is confirmed found by an event organizer. The Medallion Hunt is a family friendly event that will get all treasure hunters, explorers, and adventurers outside exploring and learning more about Highland. The prize for the finder will be the medallion itself and a $200 cash award.  

Stay tuned for more information!  This page and the Highland City Facebook page will have all pertinent information about the medallion hunt as it is released.

Clue #1

If you have done the medallion hunt the past two years,

You know the first clue generates cheers and jeers.

The first clue won't ever teach you too much

Like a neighborhood, a park, a direction, or such.

This year is no different, so relax and have fun

Grab a map of public land and get ready to run.

Wear sunscreen, take water, and dust off your rust

This year, historic knowledge of our town is a must.

Clue #2

Homesteading is a life of self-sufficiency

And many came to Highland and made that a reality

If you look at the names from why back then

You'll see Poole, Hegan, and Winn

Myers, Moyle, Sawyer, Preece, Beck

One in particular gave Highland something you need to inspect.

Clue #3

I think today, I should take you to school

And tell you about a very interesting old tool

The work was tough for those who grew peas

And the viners were used to pull peas from their "sleeves"

Our town had 4 that you might find

Learn about those and etch it in your mind.

Clue #4

Do you now know where the viners were?

You should find them...that is for sure.

Our city of streets run North South East West

Only one of them is the very best.

Marbles, Rounders, Annie-I-Over

Hopscotch and more for the treasure trover!