Highland Oldsters by O.C. Day 1959


By O.C. Day, 1959

I came to Highland in 1907 to teach school.   George Yost Myers was president of the school trustees, Director on Lehi Irrigation Water and chairman of the Republican party.  He had married Mary Whiting and moved here about 1876. 

Mary’s father, John Whiting, had bought five 40 acre farms and built homes on them for his children.               

Brigham Whiting lived just west of Cliff Hoover’s home until about 1920.               

Sara Marvin lived across the street north of Hoovers till about 1905.               

Hodge Gillett lived 1910 to 1918, about, in the Sherman Evan’s home.               

Mary Whiting Myers and two children died of diphtheria about 1890 and George married Mary Lee Wilson in 1895.  (Mary Lee is now 85 years old and still living in the same home)               

The Wilson family came from North Carolina about 1890 and lived near Jon Jonsson’s a few years.  Mary Lee’s sister married Elisha Peck.               

William and Martha Loveridge moved from England to Alpine to Highland about 1887 and lived just south of Matthews.             

Hyrum Harmon built his big house where Wagstaff’s live about 1890.  In 1907 he was school trustee.  His sister, Mrs. Cherrington moved her about 1902 and built the house where Jepperson’s live.               

Amanda Beck was the third trustee.  Jacob Beck move here about 1877 and built the house where Gilbert’s live.  About 1920 he built the Chidester and Dalley homes for his married sons.  He owned 200 acres and raised many beef cattle.               

In 1905 Cyrus Jensen married Alice Strasburg.   He built the Beth Hyde home.               

Peter Johnson, constable in 1907, live in the Jon Jonsson home.               

The older Mr Pehrson lived in the Sam Nay home.   His son, Niels Pehrson, lived in several homes in Highland.               

Ted Winn came about 1876 and lived in the old Oscar Hall home.  His daughter, LaMar Healey’s mother, was the first baby girl born in Highland. (Janie)               

A previous baby boy had been born to John Poole who, about 1874, built the first house in Highland on the David Strasburg farm, then 160 acres.               

Charles T Greenland lived east of Ludvig Larson.   He came to Highland in the spring of 1906 from Carbon County.

Louis H Strasburg came here from Kamas in 1898.               

James C Orr came here to teach school about 1898 and taught until 1906.  He lived in the John Miller home which had been built by Billie Walker’s brother.   Billie lived in the older Yukus Inouye home.               

James Orr was branch president, S.S. Supt and Y M M I A President.  When he went to Alpine, the branch broke up.               

In 1907, O C Day started S S again.  After the ward was organized in August 1915, James C Orr was Mutual president.               

In 1908, Emil Jerling moved into the Matthews home.  William Hobbs built the Charles A Greenland home; his daughter, Bertha, later married Nephi Greenland; Wm Telford built near Hobbs; the Marsh grand children lived with Myers; and three Bringhurst families, William, Joseph and Samuel moved here.               

About 1912 Archie Graham, Geo a Zabriski, and Charlie Watson moved here and helped organize the ward.               

Young Ted Winn lived in the Allred home till about 1905, when David Adamson moved there, Peter Adamson moved into the Marvin home about 1906; Tom Adamson to the Guymon home about 1912.               

Billie Warren in the Elmer home about 1900; the older Warrens in the Hoover home earlier.               

Powell’s where Deans now live.               

Martha Loveridge’s mother, Mrs. Weston, lived on the Harry Jerling farm.

Source: HIGHLAND HISTORY: A compilation by Charles T Greenland II for the Highland Historical Society


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