2023 Poetry Month Competition Winners

  1. Adult - 1st Place
  2. Adult - 2nd Place
  3. Adult - 3rd Place
  4. Adult - Honorable Mention
  5. Adult - Honorable Mention
  6. Teen - 1st Place
  7. Teen - 2nd Place
  8. Tween - 1st Place
  9. Tween - 2nd Place
  10. Tween - 3rd Place
  11. Tween - Honorable Mention
  12. Kid - 1st Place
  13. Kid - 2nd Place
  14. Kid - 3rd Place
  15. Kid - Honorable Mention
  16. Kid - Honorable Mention

Windows & Thresholds

Mary Favro

I could see the open window long before reaching it.

At first it was open only a crack.

Is that light coming through?

Is that a gentle breeze?

Is it a storm?

Hard to tell. This open window brings unknowns.

I keep walking.

Before long the window swings wide open

and I begin to wonder what is out there.

Change. That is for certain.

I approach the window only to find a threshold--

a demarcation

a boundary

that requires stepping over into something new,

something left behind

This feels uncomfortable.

I’ve become accustomed to

this pace,

this task,

this involvement.

But before me lies a threshold and I must step over it.

What will be next? What will it be like? What does this change mean?

New assignments. New tasks. New involvement

that will soon become familiar,

will soon become routine,

will soon fill my time for a season

until the window opens up again.

An open, arched stone doorway with warm light shining through

Image via Pixabay