E. coli

Due to the recent discussions surrounding E. coli and pressurized irrigation, the City wanted to give residents a few reminders and updates. E. coli is commonly found in open water sources in our state, such as those that feed our pressurized irrigation system. As such, E. coli currently is and likely has been present in our irrigation systems for over 20 years without major incident. While we understand that due to recent events this may cause some concern, rest assured, the Health Department has had no reported hospitalizations related to E. coli bacteria in Highland and pressurized irrigation is totally separate from the City’s culinary or drinking water system.

Pressurized irrigation is untreated surface water constantly susceptible to contamination. As such, do not drink or allow pets to drink irrigation water. Culinary water should be used for children's play activities like kiddie pools, bounce houses, slip n slides, play tables, or running through the sprinklers. Use your best judgment when using irrigation in your gardens. At a minimum, always thoroughly wash your hands, fruits, vegetables and such after coming in contact with sources that could contain harmful bacteria. Finally, it is illegal to have any connection between the irrigation and drinking water systems as this could lead to contamination of our drinking water.

Rest assured the City will continue to monitor the situation and will provide updates if anything changes. Our number one priority is keeping the Highland community happy, healthy, and informed. Please reach out to Utah County Health Department if you have any other questions or concerns. 801-851-7525

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Let's continue being great neighbors and looking out for one another.