Library Foundation

About the Foundation

The Highland City Library Foundation is a nonprofit, tax-exempt foundation dedicated to assisting the Highland Library with fundraising and additional support.

Name the Library in your Will or a Codicil

Charitable bequests to the Library help us to fulfill our mission of providing materials that educate, inspire and entertain. Including the Library in your estate plan is easy. We can provide suggested language when you are writing your Will or Living Trust. If you already have a Will or Living Trust, you may add the Library as a beneficiary through a Codicil or trust amendment. Bequests to the Library are not subject to estate tax. There are several ways to make a bequest to the Library. Consult with your attorney or other advisors to make sure that the bequest you chose makes sense as part of your overall estate plan.

  • Specific Bequest
  • Residuary Bequest
  • Contingent Bequest

The full legal name of the Library Foundation is The Highland City Library Foundation. The Library's legal address is 5400 West Civic Center Drive, Suite 2, Highland Utah 84003; the Library's Federal Tax Identification Number (TIN) is 20-8882885.

Should you wish to make a bequest for a specific purpose (i.e., other than for the Library's general purposes), please email the Library Director.

Donate in Memorial

A gift made in one's name is always a meaningful way to mark a special occasion or to remember or honor a beloved family member, respected friend, or colleague. When you make a Memorial or Honor gift to the Highland City Library, we'll send your honoree or their family a handsome card acknowledging your generosity.

Bookplates may also be placed in books in memory of family, friends or colleagues.

Donate in the Library

Cash donations are accepted by the Library. Each dollar given is a dollar less in tax needed to support the library and shows your support for the library. Donations of $500 or more will be recognized on the plaques in the Library. More information about the donations policy may be found at Highland City: Book Donation Criteria (PDF).