Garbage & Recycling


  • All trash/recycle containers must be placed outside by 7 a.m. on collection day.
  • Place the container in the street with wheels against the curb or within two feet of the blacktop, and the front of the container facing the street.
  • Containers must be placed four feet apart from other containers and eight feet from mailboxes, poles, fences, trees, or parked vehicles for easy access.
  • The container lid should be able to close fully.
  • Recyclable items (PDF) 
  • Do not bag your recyclables in a plastic garbage sack.

Collection Days

  • Garbage collection is every Friday.
  • Recycling collection is every other Friday.  
  • Specific holidays will move collection to Saturday instead of Friday for that week.  The affected holidays are listed below. 
  • All other holidays are normal collection days.
  • View the 2020 calendar (PDF).

Holiday Collection 2020

  • New Year's Day - pick up on Saturday, January 4
  • Memorial Day - pick up on Saturday, May 30
  • Labor Day - pick up on Saturday, September 12
  • Thanksgiving - pick up on Saturday, November 28
  • Christmas - pick up on Saturday, December 26

Christmas Tree Drop-off

In the past, Republic Service has picked up live Christmas trees door to door throughout Highland after the holiday. However, due to the City’s population growth, this task has become more difficult to complete in a thorough and timely manner. As such, beginning this year, Highland will change to a tree drop-off service. All Highland residents are invited to bring their live, un-flocked and un-decorated Christmas trees to the empty lot to the east of the Police Station and south of the Arbor Day Tree Sale location from January 1—12, 2020 to be hauled away by Republic Service. No other items may be disposed of and trees can only be brought during the timeframe outlined. Please cut up especially large trees that will not be able to be easily loaded into a dumpster. For questions, please call us at 801-772-4523.

  1. Missed Pick-up
  2. Adding or Removing
  3. Replacements or Repairs

What do I do if my trash/recycle was missed and I followed the guidelines?

  • Contact Republic Services directly at (801) 924-8500. 
  • Notification regarding a missed container made before 3 p.m. on your regular collection day may be scheduled for a go-back that same day. 
  • Notification regarding a missed container made after 3 p.m. on your regular collection day may be scheduled for a go-back the following Tuesday. 
  • If notification regarding a missed container is made a few days after your regular collection day , we will not be able to return until the next scheduled collection day.
  • Recycle containers that have trash in them will not be dumped as trash and will be called into the city.
  • Items that are too heavy for the truck arms to lift will not be accepted (i.e. bricks, rocks, etc.). 
  • Containers that are overloaded will not be serviced.