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Project Name Type Address Status Next Steps
Ridgeview Retail 2 Commercial Lots Canal Blvd & North County Blvd Under Review Final Plat City Council 11/9/21
Ridgeview Pod B 424 Residential Lots Canal Blvd & North County Blvd Under Review Preliminary Plat City Council 11/9/21
Beacon Hills Plat E 35 Residential Lots 12150 N Beacon Hill Blvd Approved 3/16/21 Building Permits/Construction
Ten Seven Hundred (Previously Apple Creek) 42 Residential Lots/2 Commercial Lots 10786 N 5320 W Approved 4/20/21 Recording the Plat
Ridgeview Pod A Plats A, B, C, D, E 265 Residential Lots 9900 N North County Blvd Approved 6/16/20 Building Permits/Construction
Highland Marketplace 7 Commercial Lots Alpine Hwy/Timpanogos Hwy Intersection Approved 3/30/21 Building Permits/Construction for retail building; Site Plan approvals
Sunrise Farms 10 Residential Lots 11241 N 6000 W Approved 8/17/21 Building Permits/Construction
Highland Town Plaza West 3 Commercial Lots 5513 W 11000 N Approved 4/20/21 Recording the Plat
The Hollows 68 Residential Lots 10250 N 6531 W Approved 2/16/21 Building Permits/Construction
Aberlour 14 Residential Lots 11020 N 5500 W Under Review Final Plat City Council -- date undetermined
Chase Subdivision 1 Residential Lot 6481 W 10250 N Approved 8/3/21 Building Permit/Construction

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