The Parks Department is in charge of cleaning and maintaining Highland City parks, playgrounds, and sports fields. There is a total of 3 full-time workers and 15 seasonal workers assigned to maintain these facilities.

The City has 15 children's playground areas and has a certified playground safety inspector who inspects and maintains each playground. Playground equipment is inspected on a weekly basis and audited annually. Most playgrounds are filled with American Disabilities Administration-approved soft fall (bark) that must be raked back on a monthly basis, including areas underneath slides. All of our children's playgrounds are used daily, especially during the spring and summer 

The City maintains 2 baseball and 6 soccer fields. Irrigation on all fields is checked and repaired by our crew. Holes that develop in the fields are due to heavy usage and must be filled in order to prevent a tripping hazard. The lawns are mowed weekly and fertilized four times a year. 

Restrooms are cleaned and stocked three times a week and trash is picked up weekly. Our crew makes the best attempt to clean our parks when they are vandalized or sprayed with graffiti. In order to keep our parks looking good, the lawns are mowed and weeded; bushes, hedges, and small trees are trimmed; and dead plants are replaced. All benches, tables, and wooden structures are repaired and repainted as needed. If you see any problems or have any concerns with parks, please report it through our Request Tracker. Pavilion or field reservations can be made by viewing the Facility Rental page.