Join us for the Grand Parade as it travels from Highland Elementary School, goes south on 6000 West, turns east on 10400 North, and ends at south of Heritage Park. The street will be closed to vehicles along the parade route. We ask that vehicles not park along the street during this time too. 

Highland Fling Theme: "What a Wonderful World"

Event Held: Saturday, August 3rd
Time: 10:00 to 11:30 a.m.
Place: Highland Elementary School (10865 N. 6000 W.) to Heritage Park (10400 N. Alpine Hwy.)

 Cost: Commercial Entry (non-Highland business) $200, Commercial Entry (Highland business) $100, Non-Residents $100, Politicians $25, Sports Teams & Cheerleaders $25, Non-Parade Entry (handing out promotional items along the parade route) $25, Highland Residents, Church Groups, School Groups, Non-Profit Organizations, City and Government Entry $0. Pre-registration is required and will remain open through Thursday, August 1st.

Please view the 2019 Parade Handbook (PDF).

*Please have candy walkers along your parade entry passing out candy to those behind the white "fog line".  No throwing candy or water from vehicles.

Participant Information

2019 Parade Info:

View the parade route; it starts at Highland Elementary School, goes south on 6000 West, turns east on 10400 North, and ends at Heritage Park. This event is chaired by the Audrey Wright  (parade helpers needed this year!)

Sponsor: Central Bank

Contact: Audrey Wright,

2019 Grand Marshals - Shauna and Woody Larson

Highland City is proud to announce Shauna and Woody Larson as the 2019 Grand Marshals of the

Highland Fling Parade. You can view them leading the parade on Saturday, August 3, at 10 am which will

travel from Highland Elementary to Heritage Park.

Shauna was born and raised in Bountiful, Utah, and Woody in Murray, Utah. They were married in 1975

and formed a blended family with Shauna’s three children and Woody’s two children. Together, Shauna

and Woody added two children to their family. They thought their family would never leave Bountiful,

but in 1986 they had a feeling that they should move. After looking in various locations, Shauna and

Woody felt a strong impression to move here to Highland. They instantly fell in love with the beautiful

city and its surroundings. They got horses and loved raising their children here. Even now with their 25

grandchildren, 6 great-grandchildren, and a few more on the way, Shauna and Woody “don’t ever want

to move anywhere else” and are fortunate to have all of their family living close by, from Riverton to


Woody made his career as a meat cutter, working for several stores. He has also owned a landscaping

business and has been a Real Estate Consultant. In retirement, Woody finds joy in being an avid Family

Historian and working with the Highland City Arts Council where he does most of the computer work by

managing the website and doing plenty of the behind the scenes heavy lifting.

Shauna found a love of art as a young child and she could often be found drawing and painting. In high

school, she was inspired by, Mr. Jardin, her art teacher and her passion deepened. He saw Shauna’s

potential and would enter her art in various art shows without her knowledge. To her surprise, she won

show after show! This motivated her to continue her art and she was awarded a full scholarship at The

Art Center School in California. Shauna ultimately chose to stay in Utah, and was able to continue her

art studies at Weber State University, Utah Valley State College, and Brigham Youth University. She

became an art teacher and loved her teaching career which lasted many years at Mount Jordan Junior

High and American Fork Junior High. While at American Fork Junior High, Shauna had the opportunity to

learn computer skills and start the school’s computer lab. This training eventually led to a new career

path in Information Technology (IT) services.

While her daytime IT career lasted 20 years, Shauna continued to teach art on the evenings and

weekends. She couldn’t give up her passion for art and Woody was there for her every step of the way.

“He was always there supporting me. He’s the wind beneath my wings and I couldn’t have done any of

it without him! He’s always been there for me whether it was tending the kids, or making dinner, or

helping with the house so that I could teach.” Woody continues to be a quiet supporter. While much of

what he does is in the background, his support has allowed Shauna to fulfill all of her responsibilities as

the Arts Council President for the past 9 years.

Shauna became the President for the Highland City Arts Council in 2010. Although she hadn’t been part

of the group before, Shauna saw there was a need and knew she was the one who needed to fill the

role. Shauna thought she would serve for 2 years, but at that point just didn’t feel she was done. “I just

love it! The kids, the people, the programs, I just love it.” Shauna has built the Council from one

program to 15-20 programs and events. She is “the glue that keeps the Arts Council together.” –Kurt

Ostler, Highland City Councilman.

Luckily for Highland City, Shauna has yet to feel like she is done with her role as President of the Arts

Council. Under Shauna’s direction, the Arts Council has expanded to offering choirs, chamber groups, a

bell choir, many forms of art classes, summer camps for kids, theater productions, art appreciation

groups and so much more. They also aide in hosting City events such as cookie decorating at the Easter

Egg Hunt and Craft Day with Santa. Shauna knew when she started this position that the Arts Council

could do so much more for the arts and for Highland, and it has! With the existing volunteers, Shauna

helped recruited more council members and together they have done an amazing job at bringing quality

art programs and events to Highland City.

Shauna has also put together an impressive Fine Art show during the Fling each year and makes sure

that City Hall has a variety of changing art on display, much of which is done by local artists. Shauna and

Woody have watched Highland grow from one corner store to what it is today and Shauna has made

sure that the history of Highland has been preserved through art by commissioning artists to paint some

of Highland’s original homes and buildings. She is also very thoughtful of the community and has had

special art pieces done for our Library, Fire and Police Departments. Wherever Shauna is, you’ll find

Woody by her side carrying paintings, moving stages, or passing out supplies.

Linda Littlefield, Arts Council member, sums it up beautifully, “Shauna and Woody- two of the most

selfless and devoted people I know, who have an undying desire for the wellbeing of Highland City and

its citizens.”

Shauna and Woody have been an integral part of Highland City for 33 years and we are so fortunate to

have them as part of our community! They are humble and state that they feel undeserving of this

recognition, but their contributions to our City truly have been impactful! It is Highland’s privilege for us

to honor them for their service to the City and all its residents.

History of Highland Fling Grand Marshal(s)

1978 - None

1979 - None or Unknown

1980 - None or Unknown

1981 - None or Unknown

1982 - None or Unknown

1983 - None or Unknown

1984 - None or Unknown

1985 - Marie & Mahlon Peck

1986 - Earl & Thelma Chidester

1987 - Marianne Williams

1988 - Merlin Larson accompanied by wife Marie Bush Larson

1989 - William & Dorothy Blomquist

1990 - Reed Thompson with wife Genevieve Thompson

1991 - Yukus & Mary Inouye

1992 - Glen & Dorothy Strasburg

1993 - Ron & Erlene Burrell

1994 - Eric & Yvonne Adamson

1995 - Duane & Vicki Forsyth

1996 - Richard & Lucille Stowe

1997 - Clarke & Wini Jensen

1998 - Ron & Carole Stutz

1999 - Larry G. Miller & James A. Hewlett

2000 - Alfred & Valois Paxman

2001 - Neal & Barbara Evans

2002 - Unknown

2003 - Kathryn Schramm

2004 - Jeannie & Johnnie Iverson

2005 - Carl & Luella Bennett Day

2006 - Steven & Janet King

2007 - Darwin & Charlotte Poulsen

2008 - Glen & Laurie Vawdrey

2009 - Unknown

2010 - Boyd Wilson

2011 - Emmett “Cyclone” Davis, Eldon Hinckley, Darwin R. Miner, and Louis Latimer

2012 - Vern & Pat Romney

2013 - Lloyd & Rebecca Hansen

2014 - Jess & Ann Adamson

2015 - Glen & Brenda Thurgood

2016 - Ron & Kim Jewett

2017 - Don LeBaron – first mayor of Highland

2018 - Jay W. & Gwyn Cox Franson

2019 - Shauna & Woody Larson

If you have any information that can help us fill in the gaps, please contact us at: or 801-772-4507.  Thank You!