Business Licensing

  1. Commercial
  2. Home-Based
  3. Temporary use permit
  4. Short-term Rental
  5. Solicitor's

Commercial Business License

Application & Information:
  • Commercial business licenses are issued for businesses within a commercial zone.
  • Your business must first be registered with the Utah Department of Commerce - Division of Corporations & Commercial Code.  Visit One Stop Business Registration to complete your registration if you have not yet obtained a business entity number or sales tax number.
  • If your business is registered, and you are moving into Highland from another location, you may need to update your tax location to Highland City.  This can be completed through submitting form TC-69C to Utah State Tax Commission.
  • If you are adding a second business location, and will be operating in Highland City, then you may need to alert the Utah State Tax Commission that you are adding another location by using form TC-69B.
  • Fire inspections are required for all commercial businesses, and record of a passed inspection must be attached with the business application.  To schedule an appointment with Lone Peak Fire District, please call (801) 763-5365.
  • Approved businesses must renew licenses by July 1 each year.  This can be completed here.
  • Additional information: Highland City's Municipal & Development Codes.