Frequently Asked Questions

Pressurized Irrigation FAQ's

  • When is the pressurized irrigation system turned on / off every year?

    • The pressurized irrigation system is available each year from April 15th to October 15th. Staff will begin to fill and charge the system beginning the end of March as this process can take up to 2 weeks.  During that time fluctuations in water pressure could potential damage private irrigation systems.  Residents are advised to keep their shut-off valves in the closed position during the off season and especially during the charging period. 
    • Residents should winterize their systems after October 15th. Remember to close your shut-off valve at this time.
  • Does my sprinkler system require a filter?

    • Yes. The majority of the pressurized irrigation water comes from surface water and is not filtered. We recommend that residents contact their local sprinkler supply store for their recommendation on a filter. 
  • What size of filter should I get for my sprinkler system?

    • The filter size depends on each home owner's service size and area being irrigated. 
  • How do I find out the pressure for my sprinkler system?

    • Pressure varies by subdivision. You may test your system with a water pressure test gauge or if you need assistance from Highland City Public Works, please call (801) 772-4515 to schedule a pressure test. 
  • What if my pressure drops?

    • If water pressure drops please check your filter before calling the City. It is the homeowner's responsibility to perform regular maintenance on their filters. 
  • How often should I clean my filter to avoid losing pressure?

    • We recommend checking your filter for debris on a regular basis and cleaning it as needed. 
  • How do I find my filter?

  • Are there health concerns if I drink the pressurized irrigation water?

    • The pressurized irrigation water is an untreated water source and is considered non-potable. Precautions should be taken not to allow children to drink the water. 

Also, please note that any cross connection between the pressurized irrigation and the culinary drinking water systems are illegal and can cause health issues for residents. If you feel you have one of these connections please take the necessary steps to disconnect from the culinary drinking water system. If you are unsure if you have one of these connections or if you would like to request assistance, please contact the Public Works Department at (801) 772-4515 or email Public Works.

If you have an after-hours water emergency, please call the Public Works on call phone at (801) 420-2553.