Resident Survey


  • Highlights:
    • The response number dropped by 432 responses when compared to the previous year.
    • Only 40% of our responses came from online.
    • There is still have a good margin of error/ confidence level.
    • Survey response sample this year is skewed to older/ non-online individuals – see the number of children in the home and age data compared to American Community Survey.
    • About 97% of respondents reported good or excellent Quality of Life.
    • Personnel ratings increased in every category this year. The largest increase was for Elected Officials who increased 7% year over year.
    • The Library staff still receives the highest ratings with 94% of respondents saying that they are good or excellent in their professionalism.
    • Service Ratings also went up in almost every category. The largest increases were in communication (17%) and Business Licensing (10%) and Building Permitting (11%).
    • Lone Peak Fire and EMS received the highest overall ratings with 95 and 96% of respondents saying the service is good or excellent. Lone Peak Police is close behind at 90%.
    • In looking at the five-year trend, “Other Events” have increased 25% over the past 5 years in terms of good or excellent service.
    • Road maintenance is the lowest service score, but has increased 18% over the past 5 years.
    • In comparing what new park elements respondents want, the desire for playgrounds (both all abilities and general) went down along with open fields. In contrast, the ratings for pickleball courts and a dog park increased.
    • The top parks wants of respondents are: walking paths, general playground equipment, pickleball courts, an all abilities playground, a dog park, and open fields.
    • No category showed large community support for a funding increase. The highest is parks and trails with 46% of respondents saying they are likely or very likely to support the City pursuing new taxes or fees for these services.
    • The materials people want the most from the Library are: E-audiobooks, Adult Fiction, and Adult Non-Fiction.
    • When it comes to communication, respondents want to hear about: Council Decisions, Elections, City Projects, Seasonal Information, and Development Projects.
    • In looking at how residents are using our parks, about 28% of respondents reported using City parks at least 1 time per month for sport practices or games. In contrast, 77% of respondents reported using City parks at the same frequency for passive play or enjoyment.
    • In considering trail usage, 71% of respondents reported using the trails for exercise or enjoyment at least 1 time per month. Respondents report using trails to travel to the following destinations at least 1 time per month: school (19%), parks (50%), and other locations (32%).
    • Survey respondents are closely representative of Open Space vs. Non-Open Space neighborhood breakdown.
    • In looking at how Open Space residents answered questions regarding Open Space differently, Open Space residents are much less satisfied with the quality of maintenance of natural vegetation maintenance.
    • Survey respondents are fairly representative of our areas in Highland when broken down by SR 92 and Alpine Highway. Respondents are slightly underrepresented northeast and overrepresented southeast.
    • 68% of survey respondents have lived in the City at least 10 years and 78% are planning on living here at least another 10 years.
  • Survey (PDF)
  • Results (PDF)