It takes a huge team of volunteers to make the Fling happen year after year! We have an amazing group of Chairpersons that we would like to thank specifically. Each Chairperson has a committee of volunteers who are too numerous to list. We thank each and every volunteer for their willingness to give of their time and talents for this amazing week-long event!

  • Audrey Moore & Doug Cortney – Parade Co-chairs
  • Brandon Balkman – Disc Golf Tournament
  • Cary Wise – Backyard Garden Tours
  • Charles Greenland – Highland Historical Society & Museum
  • Donna Kitchen – DUP Historical Cabin
  • Highland Youth Council –  Youth Night
  • MaryJean Ridges- Service Project Coordinator
  • Roy Buehler & Arnold Pope –  Horseshoe Tournament
  • Shauna Larson- Art Show/ Arts Council Chair
  • Suzanne Mann – Baby Celebration
  • Tammy Parker- Play Day Rodeo
  • Tyler Anderson & Steve Hardman – Strongman Competition, Highland Games & Utah State Hammer Championship

To join our amazing team and volunteer for the 2021 Highland Fling please email the events team or call 801-772-4507.