1880 Highland Resident Census Pages

The United States 1880 Census 

Most of the Highland people were listed on pages 34 and 35 of the American Fork precinct of the census (see below), beginning with Wynn and excluding Cowling, Avery and Matthews who show no other evidence of having lived in Highland.  Other Highland residents appear on other pages and the census for Alpine (not shown).  

Edward Winn 1880 U.S. Census


John Poole 1880 U.S. Census


1   Edward Winn H39          Joseph GrayS0
     Mary A WinnW37     13     James PullenH57
     Edward WinnS17          Lydia E PullenW26
     Elizabeth WinnD14          Edward P PullenS5
     Emma WinnD8          Shadrack PullenS3
     George WinnS6          Sonora PullenD0
     Jane E WinnD4   14   William PullenH64
     James H WinnS2          Sarah PullenO57
2   John HeganH32          Emma J PullenD23
     Caroline HeganW30          Alice E PullenD19
     Maggie HeganD8          Susanah PullenD16
3   Peter BeckH29          Mary PullenD13
     Isadore BeckW25    15  William HouseholderH52
     Peter S BeckS5          Susanah HouseholderW50
     Pirine BeckD3          Alfred HouseholderS24
     Alexander A BeckS2          Sarah A HouseholderD20
 4     John PoolH45          John HouseholderS16
     Sarah A PoolW42          Mary HouseholderD6
     John T PoolS20     16 Hyrum HealyH28
     Willm H PoolS18          Elvira HealyW28
     Eva A PoolD16          Hyrum C HealyO1
     George E PoolS14     17 Wm HealyH30
     Chauncy PoolS11          Clara HealyW25
5   Minnie JenkinsSis22          Wm HealyS2
     John A JenkinsN0     18 George MyersH28
6   Jacob BeckH30          Mary A MyersW24
     Elizabeth BeckW21          John MyersS6
     Miram BeckD0          Maude MyersD4
7   Edwin SawyerH54          Jesse MyersS2
     Cathrine SawyerW53          Blance MyersO0
     Edwin SawyerS10     19 John WhitingH28
8   Heber PreeceH30          Sarah WhitingO20
9   Ann PreeceH50          Marchay WhitingO3
     Nephi PreeceS21          Wm J WhitingO2
     Joseph PreeceS11     20 Stephen MoyleH30
10 Harry SavilleH23          Alice G MoyleW31
     Eveline SavilleW20          Alfred MoyleS9
     Carey SavilleD1          Wm J MoyleS4
11 John C Hart 50

     Mary J HartW42

     Edwin F HartN17The same census showed 

12 Thomas F GrayH3059 people living in 

     Mary J GrayW27American Fork Canyon

     Elizabeth Gray D8

     Franklin GrayS6Some lists show Cowling-1;

     James GrayS4 Avery-1 and Matthews-5

     Mary S GrayD2

Source: HIGHLAND HISTORY: A compilation by Charles T Greenland II for the Highland Historical Society

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