1915 LDS Ward Membership


Received 8/13/15 from the American Fork Third Ward

David H. AdamsonH
Jessie Dianthea AdamsonN/A
Nida Mary AdamsonN/A
Alta Blanch AdamsonN/A
Arnold George AdamsonE
Martell David AdamsonE
Clyde Alexander AdamsonP
Virgil Myers AdamsonE
Thomas H. AdamsonN/A
Pearl C. AdamsonN/A
Henry C. AdamsonP
Violet AdamsonN/A
Norma May AdamsonN/A
Thomas Wayne AdamsonE
James LeRoy Alston70
Ella Williams AlstonN/A
Orville Dewey AlstonD
Thelma LeNore AlstonN/A
John W. BurnhamE
Louise Amelia BurnhamN/A
Phyllis BurnhamN/A
Rex A. BurnhamN/A
Matilda BurnhamN/A
Luther A. BurnhamN/A
Joseph W. BurnhamN/A
Eugene K. BurnhamN/A
Phebe BurnhamN/A
Agrippa CooperN/A
Louisa CooperN/A
Lilly Stewart CannellN/A
Ivan Douglas CannellN/A
John Elmo CannellN/A
LaVon CannellN/A
Orville Cox DayH
Otes C. DayN/A
Kate Ruby DayN/A
Louis Ereal DayN/A
Charles T. GreenlandE
Rachel P. GreenlandN/A
Clarence GreenlandP
Rachel M GreenlandN/A
Gertrude Vivian GreenlandN/A
Mary Louise GreenlandN/A
Henry Edgar GreenlandN/A
William John Greenland Jr.E
Rachel Lois GreenlandN/A
William HobbsE
Clara HobbsN/A
Flora HobbsN/A
Cyrus JensenD
Alice S. JensenN/A
Edith May JensenN/A
Anna Mildred JensenN/A
Alva Cyrus JensenN/A
Leah JensenN/A
Emma M.P. JerlingN/A
Carl Emil Harry JerlingN/A
Vera M.A. JohnsonN/A
Reed Russell JohnsonN/A
William LoveridgeH
Martha LoveridgeN/A
Hazel Loveridge BuhlerN/A
Rachel S. LoveridgeN/A
Cressie A. LoveridgeN/A
Anders PehrsonN/A
Hanna PehrsonN/A
C.J.R.A. PehrsonN/A
Charles Alexendar ParkerN/A
Mary Luetta Miller ParkerN/A
Louis H. StrasburgN/A
Fredricka StrasburgN/A
Josephine Strasburg HealyN/A
Dora Strasburg HendersonN/A
David StrasburgN/A
Marva StrasburgN/A
Evar Merle StrasburgE
Esma Ann Goode StrasburgN/A
Henry L. StrasburgN/A
Cora Palmer StrasburgN/A
James X. TaylorH
Eliza Russon TaylorN/A
Archie Russon TaylorE
Joseph Vern TaylorT
Reed Lavell TaylorD
Rulon Westly TaylorN/A
James D. TaylorP
Merentha Deseret TaylorN/A
James Ladell TaylorN/A
Myron Stanford TaylorN/A
Emma C.M.WellsN/A
Katie WellsN/A
Boise M. WellsN/A
David J. WellsN/A
Elma Gertrude WellsN/A
George A. ZabriskieBp
Annie C. ZabriskieN/A
Arvilla S. Zabriskie GrahamN/A
Olive ZabriskieN/A
Sella Moneta ZabriskieN/A
Morley Albert ZabriskieD
Coral Ruby ZabriskieN/A
Thelma Esma StrasburgN/A

Received 9/13/15 from the Alpine Ward

Peter L. AdamsonE
Blanch Myers AdamsonN/A
Leland AdamsonD
Gennivie AdamsonN/A
Erma May Adamson JonesN/A
Thelma Blanch AdamsonN/A
Delbert P. AdamsonN/A
James Vern BeckE
Gladys Johnson BeckN/A
Jay Vern BeckN/A
Alton Marie BeckN/A
Stephen Feramorz BeckH
Maggie C. Orr BeckN/A
Maggie Roma BeckN/A
Feryl M. BeckN/A
Floyd R. BeckN/A
Reed BeckN/A
James BrownH
Janett BrownN/A
Horace James GillettN/A
Marcia Ann Whiting GillettN/A
Ruby Myrtle Gillett TaylorN/A
James Mead GillettT
Norma GillettN/A
Orville Horace GillettD
Ila May GillettN/A
Von Grandville GillettN/A
Leroy Lowe GillettN/A
George Y. MyersE
Mary Lee MyersN/A
Gilbert Y. MyersN/A
Elvie MyersN/A
Delos MyersN/A
Bennie Earl MyersN/A
James C. OrrH
Maggie A. OrrN/A
Malcolm OrrN/A
Elwin OrrN/A
Ella OrrN/A
Buelah OrrN/A
Charles Glenn OrrN/A
Ethel F. OrrN/A
Leona Ferrell OrrN/A
Lucile OrrN/A
Mary Carol OrrN/A
Alfred H. PowellN/A
Sarah Annie PowellN/A
Harold O. PowellP
Francis H. PowellN/A
Isabella PowellN/A
Harriet C. PowellN/A
Carl J. H. SundstromN/A
Jennie J. SundstromN/A
Norma S. SundstromN/A
Lexie V. SundstromN/A
Hazel O. SundstromN/A
Emma Nicoline SundstromN/A
Eldie L. SundstromN/A
John F. Titcomb70
Mary P. TitcombN/A
Florence TitcombN/A
Mary Carol TitcombN/A
William John TitcombN/A
Luceile TitcombN/A
Lilly Francis TitcombN/A
Carma Lina TitcombN/A
William WalkerH
Ellen WalkerN/A
Annie Viola WalkerN/A
Mary WalkerN/A
Persilla WalkerN/A
Zelma WalkerN/A
Alfred WarrenN/A
Robert WarrenN/A

102 from A.F. 3rd 49 M 53 F

75 from Alpine 33 M 42 F

177 Total 82 M 95 F

24 Melchizedek Priesthood

13 Aaronic Priesthood

Source: HIGHLAND HISTORY: A compilation by Charles T Greenland II for the Highland Historical Society

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1915 LDS Ward Membership List
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