Overall Road Plan

Each year reconstruction projects are based on the Rehabilitation and Maintenance Plan (PDF) adopted as a part of the 2016 Road Study (PDF)

See the information on this year's projects on our 2022 Road Projects page (coming soon).

Some deviation from the plan may occur due to timing of development or utility projects, staff finding a better utilization of the money, or other reasons. We apologize for the inconvenience that these projects cause, but hope everyone will enjoy the new and improved roads. If you have any questions during this process, please call City Hall at 801-756-5751.

See the following Road Project Plan By Year (PDF). Highland Road Model By Year - Rotated

Transportation Utility Fund and Fee

On May 16, 2017, City Council voted to create a Transportation Utility Fund. This fund is dedicated for the operation, improvement, maintenance, and rehabilitation of roads and funded through an $18.50 per month Transportation Fee on each utility account. That fee began August 1, 2017.

Fund Requirements and Decision

The requirements of this fund are that:

  • Monies can only be used for Road Maintenance and Rehabilitation
  • An annual report as a part of the budget process will be provided
  • The fee will be re-evaluated if the City gains more or less road funds through the state’s B&C gas tax or other sources
  • The fee will expire June 30, 2028 when all of the City’s bonds will be paid off

You can see the agenda, listen to the recording, and view the minutes from the meeting at our Archive Center. This decision was the result of a lengthy process. For more information on that process and what led to this decision, please see the Background Information.

  1. JoAnn Scott

    Public Works Technician

  2. Andy Spencer

    City Engineer