Thomas Douglas & Lilly Hansen Stewart Cannell

Cannell's were another original family in the Ward in 1915. Thomas was born May 2, 1882, in Diamond, Utah Territory to Thomas and Elizabeth Potter Cannell. Lilly was born July 1, 1888, in Spanish Fork, Utah, to Hyrum Peterson and Harriet Dudley Hansen. When she was about a year old her father died and her mother married John Stewart and he adopted Lilly.

Lilly Hansen Stewart CannellThomas Douglas CannellThomas and Lilly married July 13, 1905, and had eight children: Vera, Ivan Douglas, LaVon, John Elmo, Bessie, Nina, Lorene and Ina June. They divorced and Lilly married Lorin Joseph Hansen in 1916 and another child was added to the family: Lorin Dee. In 1918 Thomas registered for the draft as a peddler living in Mammoth. He died February 22, 1949, in Modesto, California. [Find a Grave] Lorin Hansen died in 1960, and Lilly was living with her daughter in Miami, Florida, when she died September 28, 1987. [Find a Grave]? (Ed. note: Their granddaughter, Connie Jean, daughter of Elmo, was my school classmate at American Fork schools.)

Source: HIGHLAND HISTORY: A compilation by Charles T Greenland II for the Highland Historical Society

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