76 Nash, Boise Wells

(Number 76 on the 1958 Highland map - 10595 N. 5600 W.)

John Thomas & Mary Luetta Parker Gordon

Luett, as she was always called, was born November 13, 1892, in Lehi, Utah Territory to Martin George and Emily Lavina Williams Miller, the oldest of eleven children. She attended the original Sego Lily School. When she was nine the family moved to Magrath, Alberta, Canada, along with a number of Lehi residents, where they lived for about eight years. During that time the family home burned down and they lost everything but the clothes on their backs. In 1910 they moved to the Mill Creek area of Salt Lake County. Luett completed her schooling there at the North School. In her teen years she went to keep house for her father's sister, Emma Wells and her husband Boise on their farm in Highland (Number 76 on the 1958 Highland map - 10595 N. 5600 W.). Working on the farm was a nephew of Boise, Charles Alexander Parker. The two became attracted to each other but she had to return to Mill Creek to help her mother, who had just given birth, and Charlie had to go to the sheep camp so they corresponded by mail for a year, finally getting married February 10, 1915. They made their home in Highland and Charlie continued to work for his uncle Boise as manager of his farm.

Charlie liked to play baseball and the accordion and the Mandolin and loved to dance. He registered for the WWI draft on June 5, 1916. They had two children, Wayne and Katie, then tragedy struck in 1918 when a flu epidemic hit and Charlie fell victim and died October 23.

That same year Luett's family moved from Mill Creek into the Wells home and her father took over management of the farm - that position being vacated by Charlie's death - and Luett lived with them and her children became like brother and sister to her younger siblings. She attended Dr. Noyes in bringing new babies into the world and staying with the new mother for a few days.

She met John Thomas Gordon, born October 11, 1871, to John Alonzo and Emily Ann Wells (sister to Boise q.v.) Gordon and they were married November 5, 1930, in the Salt Lake Temple. John was in the sheep raising business and had property in Lehi. They had three children, Stanley, Richard, and Nan, who lived but one day. Luett served as Primary President and as a Relief Society visiting teacher for many years. John suffered ill health for many years and passed away January 7, 1951. Luett moved in with her parents (#46 on the 1958 Highland map -5340 W. 11200 N.) and tended children to support herself and in later years moved to Lehi at approx 125 N. 100 E. She died December 6, 1961, four months before her mother.

Moses Moore & Catherine Inman GordonMoses M Gordon

Moses was born September 15, 1814, in York County, South Carolina. Catherine was born April 11, 1823, to Levi and Elizabeth Wilkie Inman. The family converted to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and in 1888 the persecution became intolerable so they left. They had to hide in the woods for three days before they could make their way to Spartanburg, South Carolina and catch a train to Utah.

Originally married in the late 1830's, Moses and Catherine were remarried October 18, 1888, in Logan, Utah. They had ten children: William Nelson, Susan, John Alonzo, Samuel Brown, Thomas Sumter, Lawson Henderson, David Hartness, Martha Jane, Nancy and Beauregard.

Catherine died November 19, 1896, and the 1900 census showed Moses living in American Fork, Utah with his daughter, Martha Jane Givens and her husband William. He died January 1, 1901, in Lehi and they are buried in the Lehi City Cemetery.

It is not known how many, but some of his children came to Utah. John Alonzo married Emily Ann Wells, sister to Boise Wells (q.v.), and their son, John Thomas married Luetta Miller Parker (q.v.). Moses is listed in the book Pioneers and Prominent Men in Utah.

Source: HIGHLAND HISTORY: A compilation by Charles T Greenland II for the Highland Historical Society

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