4 Ludvig Larson, Mahlon Peck

(Number 4 on the 1958 Highland map - 10167 N. 6800 W.)

Isaac Mahlon & Ellen Marie McDaniel Peck

Mahlon was born November 15, 1913, in Lehi, Utah the only child of Isaac Reuben and Imogene Agnes Allred Peck (twin sisters were born prematurely and died). His family operated a dairy farm on State Street about 1800 East (Where the Meadows shopping center is now). When Mahlon was eight years old his parents were called on a mission to California for two years. He enjoyed helping with the work by passing out tracts and working in a film studio.

Marie was born December 10, 1915, in Alpine, Utah to Robert Earnest and Millie Proctor McDaniel, the fifth of nine children. She attended school through eighth grade in Alpine then graduated from American Fork High School in 1934. In Alpine School they had two grades in each room and one teacher taught both grades. When she was eight, she injured her leg in a sleigh riding accident and this bothered her throughout life, especially later, when she was pregnant and had to lie on her back for about six months.

They were married September 30, 1935, in the Salt Lake Temple. They lived on his father's farm and managed it until 1960, when the freeway was being built they were bought out and they purchased Ludvig Larson's farm and moved there (Number 4 on the 1958 Highland map), after remodeling extensively.

Mahlon Peck

They raised hay, grain, corn and cattle, with a Grade A Dairy. Mahlon had a number of close calls - accidents that could have been fatal. He had one encounter with a corn chopper that left his hand crippled.

They were active in the Church, Mahlon was very involved in the scouting program and Marie taught in the YWMIA and in Primary and they both did a lot of temple and genealogy work. In 1989 they were called to the Rochester, New York mission.

1985 Pecks lead parade

In 1994 they sold the farm and moved to Provo where Marie died December 15, 1996. Mahlon married Lois Stokes on August 12, 1997, and he passed away September 29, 1999, in Provo. He and Marie are buried in the Lehi City Cemetery.

6 Jonsson, Lawrence home

(Number 6 on the 1958 Highland map - 6810 W. 10400 N.)

Richard Carl and Margaret Saunders Peck

The Pecks moved to Highland (Number 6 on the 1958 Highland map) in 1933 with their two youngest daughters and their oldest son and his wife. Richard was born October 24, 1886, in Salt Lake City, Utah to Dorr and Sarah Ann Mathews Peck. On March 2, 1904, he married Margaret Saunders who was born in Ogden, Utah on January 22, 1880, to William Gimbert and Mary Summerhays Saunders. They had nine children: Dorothy, Stanley S, Darrel, Willard Saunders, Nannie, Rodney, Tessie, Mavis, and, Carma. Carma died at three weeks of age. In 1920 and 1930 the lived in Salt Lake City and in 1917, when he registered for the WWI draft, Richard was working at the Garfield Smelter. Later he was a quartz miner in the Tintic area of Utah.

Richard Peck

Margaret Peck

Their stay in Highland was short because Richard died and Margaret remarried. Their son, Stanley and his wife, Melissa Elma (q.v.), stayed beyond 1937, as he was listed as a Sunday School teacher until then. Richard died November 25, 1934, in Salt Lake City and Margaret married James Henry Webb. She died July 29, 1957, in Corinne, Utah and she and Richard are buried in the Salt Lake City Cemetery.

Their two daughters, Tessie and Mavis married brothers Maurice and Harold Larson, sons of Ludvig and Vera Larson (q.v.).

Stanley S. and Melissa Elma Newburn Peck

Eldest son of Richard and Margaret (q.v.), he moved to Highland (Number 6) in 1933 with his parents and wife. Stanley was born February 20, 1907, in Hyde Park, Utah. Melissa was born May 4, 1909, in Citronelle, Alabama to Joseph F. and Ella Newburn. They were married June 1, 1931, in Salt Lake City and had four children: Stanley N, Elma Elaine, Ray Elstan, and Sheldon R.

They lived in Highland until at least 1937, then in 1940 they were living in Payson where he was a letter carrier. He died July 10, 1955, in Provo and Melissa died February 4, 2003, in Alabama. They are buried in the Payson City Cemetery.

Source: HIGHLAND HISTORY: A compilation by Charles T Greenland II for the Highland Historical Society

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