Thomas & Hannah Finney Walker

Thomas was born December 22, 1819, in Ireland to Thomas and Alice Woods Walker. Thomas was a coal miner and his father was a tailor. Hannah was born March 19, 1817, in St. Helens, Lancashire, England to Thomas and Ann Farber Finney. They were married November 21, 1841, in Farnworth, Prescott, Lancashire, England and came to America from Sutton, Lancashire, England July 6, 1874, with six children: Margaret, Joseph, Richard, Ellen, John, and William. Five other children had passed away before they came to America: Hannah, James, Sarah, Mary Ann, and Thomas. It is not known where they lived. Hannah was a nurse. She died February 23, 1893, and Thomas died November 26, 1895, both in American Fork, Utah and they are buried there.

22 Billie Walker, Inouye, Carl Day, Chapmans, Becks_small.jpg

(Number 22 on the 1958 Highland map - 6360 W. 11000 N.)

William & Ellen Banks-Smith Walker

William was born in Horton, Northumberland, England on February 17, 1856, to George and Mary Walker. Ellen was born October 12, 1858, to Robert Banks and Ruth Atherton Smith in Preston, Lancashire, England. They both came to the U.S. in 1874 and were married in 1883. They were in Highland (Number 22 on the 1958 Highland map) on 1900, 1910 and 1920 censuses although Ellen had died April 8, 1919. They had six children: Ruth, Annie Viola, Margaret, Mary, Priscilla, and Zelma. In 1925 Mary, who had married Alexander Beveridge, returned to Highland. William died August 16, 1930, in Lehi and they are buried in the American Fork City Cemetery.

Source: HIGHLAND HISTORY: A compilation by Charles T Greenland II for the Highland Historical Society

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