33 Ed Bunker. Ralph Sweat, Richard Greenland

(Number 33 on the 1958 Highland map - 5935 W. 11800 N.)

Arthur & Emma Jennet Fillmore Zufelt

A couple with these names lived in Number 33 (on the 1958 Highland map) before 1941. The following information is the best guess as to who actually lived there. Arthur was born July 3, 1899, in Vernal, Utah to Charles Franklin and Julia Ann Amberzine Fausett Zufelt. In 1918, when he registered for the WWI draft, he was living in Mountain View, Wyoming. Emma was born March 7, 1903, in Kamas, Utah to Charles and Elnora Davis Fillmore.

They were married on October 5, 1920, in Heber City, Utah. In 1920 they were living in Bench Creek, Wasatch County, Utah; in 1930 in Pleasant Grove and in 1940 in Ogden. When Arthur registered for the WWII draft in 1942 they were still in Ogden. They apparently had seven children: Erma Amelia, Virl Ileene, Dora Deon, Lena Hope, Nayoma Fern, Charlotte and an unnamed infant who died at birth. This list may not be complete. Arthur died February 15, 1961, in Odgen, Emma followed soon after on June 2, 1961, also in Ogden and they are buried in the Odgen City Cemetery.

Source: HIGHLAND HISTORY: A compilation by Charles T Greenland II for the Highland Historical Society



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