97 Pixley (fox farm)

Willard and Anne Fossen home (Number 97 on the 1958 Highland map - 5756 W 9600 N)

Willard Leroy & Anne Pauline Schneidewind Fossen

This is a tentative entry. Someone remembered a Fossen family who lived in Number 97 (on the 1958 Highland map) in the mid-forties with children named Larry and Barbara, but couldn't remember the parents' names. This family fits the profile - they were married June 26, 1939, and had four children whose names are unknown and they lived in the area and are buried in the Lehi City Cemetery.

Willard was born January 26, 1918, in Rushford, Minnesota, to John Martin and Hannah Karrine Overland Fossen. Anne was born March 18, 1919, in Omaha, Nebraska to Herman C. and Anna K. Elsasser Schneidewind. In 1938 Anne was working as a saleswoman at S. S. Kresge Co. in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Willard and Anne were married in Sioux Falls, and apparently moved to Utah shortly thereafter. They apparently lived here only a few months then moved on. They later divorced and Anne married a Mr. Walburn, then Mr. Sanchez and then Mr. Stokes. She died March 18, 1996, in Ventura, California. Willard married LaFern Mary Gordon Barnes October 17, 1959. She was born November 18, 1916, and died in August, 1993. Willard died February 3, 1985, in Lehi, Utah.

Source: HIGHLAND HISTORY: A compilation by Charles T Greenland II for the Highland Historical Society

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