George Lorenzo & Mary Jones Comer

George Comer George was born May 30, 1855, in Machen, Monmouth, Wales, to George and Mary Ann Smith Comer. His father was a member of the Nauvoo Legion. Mary was born February 11, 1858, in Dowles, South Wales, to John and Ann Griffiths Jones. She came to America in 1866. They were married March 30, 1882, and apparently had seven children: Mary Ann, Maud Elizabeth, John, William, Robert, Hazel and Ruben. In 1900 they were living in Lehi on Sego Lily Street. His patent for 120 acres south of Albert Preece was finalized March 17, 1887, the same day as Edward Harrison's.

In a history of the Lehi Beet Sugar Factory by Leonard J. Arrington, George's farm was named as the first place to grow sugar beets for the new factory in 1891. That first year 1500 acres of beets were planted. His acreage would have been on the NE corner of 9600 N., 6800 W., where the Highland South Latter-day Saint Stake building now stands.

George died December 12, 1931, in Lehi, and Mary died July 30, 1958, also in Lehi, and they are buried in the Lehi City Cemetery.

George Comer’s Homestead Document

George Comer's Homestead Document 

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Source: HIGHLAND HISTORY: A compilation by Charles T Greenland II for the Highland Historical Society

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