Canal Boulevard (East West Connector) Construction


For years Highland has master planned for an East-West Connector road to connect Alpine Highway with North County Boulevard. This has been a complicated project due to all of the entities involved and the length and cost of the road. 

The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) is responsible for the design and construction of the road. Highland City is coordinating with UDOT and Highland residents to address concerns brought up. After the project is complete, Highland City will take ownership of the road and be responsible for future maintenance. 

A number of locations have been researched. Ultimately, the decision has been made that the best location for the road is on the southern border of Highland City directly north of the Fox Hollow Golf Course. The following is a draft design of the road and trail connections.

 Canal Boulevard Map 

A Public Hearing was held on Thursday, February 21 to provide information and gather input. See the link below for the information presented in that meeting. 

Information Boards (PDF)

Next Steps

The UDOT and Highland City are currently working to incorporate the public input received and are nearly complete with the final design. The City is planning on construction beginning in fall of 2019 and the road being finished summer 2020.