Book Sale


The Highland City Library Board accepts the responsibility for pricing library materials sold to the public as provided in Utah law. The Board delegates to the Library Director the authority to establish prices and procedures to appropriately handle the sale of discarded and donated items.

Items Selected for Booksale

Materials sold at public sale may include library discards or items donated to the library. Donated books and materials are those items that have never been part of the library collection, have been evaluated under the direction of the Library Director, and may be sold in ongoing book sales and in special sale events. "Discards" are those items formerly part of the library collection. Worn or damaged materials are evaluated for preservation, replacement or removal. If the item is necessary to the collection, it is repaired or rebound if possible, or replaced. Items not appropriate to be added to the collection are discarded or placed in the book sale. Items damaged or worn may, at the discretion of the library director, be thrown away. The definition of "appropriate" as defined for these purposes is: those items having high circulations, or items that contain current or up-to-date information. The definition of "high circulations" is left to the discretion of the Library Director. 

Items selected for the book sale will be made available to the general public on a first come, first served basis. No items will be held for any individual for future sale. 

See the "Collection Development Policy" and the "Donations Policy" for related topics.


Accounting Book sale funds will be separate from other library funds. The Library Director shall account for all book sale funds and will report book sale totals to the Library Board on a regular basis. The Library Director shall adopt procedures for library staff to ensure safekeeping of the funds, proper accounting procedures, timely deposits, and compliance with city policies and procedures.


The income from book sales will be deposited in the Library Foundation account for use in the purchase of books and support of library and/or volunteer programs, outreach and marketing activities and for the purchase of furniture and equipment, volunteer recognition, or other items or activities that are not supported from the Library's regular budget. 

All expenses associated with the conduct and promotion of book sales will be paid from book sale income. Such expenditures should not exceed two and a half percent of the annual book sale income without permission of the Library Foundation Board. 

The Library Director may authorize the expenditure of Book Sale Funds, not to exceed $500, for purposes in accordance with the intent of this policy. All such expenditures will be reported to the Library Board on the regular financial report. All book sale expenditures over $500 will be proposed by the Library Director and approved by the Library Foundation Board.

Special Sales

Special sale events will be planned and conducted by volunteers. The Library Board will designate one of its members to serve as a liaison to the book sale volunteers. The stock for book sales includes (1) donations to the Library (The Library's staff will always be provided with the option of reviewing such donations for the purpose of selecting materials for inclusion in the Library's collection.), and (2) books and other library materials that have been withdrawn from the Library's collection. Library book sales will include both ongoing sales in the Library and special sale events which will be scheduled at times and in places agreed upon by the Library Director and the book sale volunteers. 

Approved by the Library Board April 28, 2010. Revised November 20, 2013. 

Book Sale Policy (PDF)