Internet and Online Access Policy

Providing public access to the internet enables the Highland City Library to fulfill our mission of facilitating access to information. This policy is designed to meet the requirements of Utah Code Sections 9-7-213, 9-7-215, 9-7-216, and Administrative Rule R458-2-1. The purpose is to provide internet safety to Library patrons and to comply with relevant laws. 

Consistent with Library policy and pursuant to Utah Code Section 9-7-215, the Library employs technology protection measures on all publicly accessible Library computers connected to the internet (“Library Computers”) and on the Library’s wireless internet access (“Library Wireless”).  Access to visual depictions that are child pornography, harmful to minors, or obscene are blocked without, in as much as possible, infringing on the rights of library patrons to access constitutionally protected materials. Access to the internet for any illegal purpose is prohibited on Library Computers and on Library Wireless. Accordingly, access to online gambling is specifically prohibited and blocked on Library Computers and Library Wireless in accordance with Utah Code Section 76-10-1102. Library staff, at the request of an adult patron, may enable access to otherwise blocked sites for research or other lawful purposes on Library Computers or Library Wireless.

The Library may prohibit access to internet sites which affect others’ use of the Library resources, such as sites which may require large amounts of bandwidth. The Library may institute time limits on computer usage based on demand. 

Only software owned and installed by the Highland City Library may be used on Library computers. Adding, deleting, or modifying the installed hardware or software is expressly prohibited. Outside disks, portable hard drives, and flash drives may be connected to Library Computers. However, the Library is not liable for any damage to the patron’s equipment, and patrons shall be responsible for physical or virtual damage to Library Computers caused by the outside equipment. Patrons may not open prohibited materials or install any software on Library Computers.

Patrons may connect to the Library Wireless but do so at their own risk. Library staff are unable to provide technical support in setting up or maintaining access to the Library Wireless. 

Patrons may print from Library Computers and shall pay for all copies at the posted rate. Patrons using the Library Wireless do not have the ability to print to the Library printer. 

The Library also reminds patrons that use of the internet requires good judgment and discretion in their use of this valuable resource. It is important to note: 

  • Not all internet sites provide accurate, complete, or current information. It is the responsibility of each user to personally evaluate information they find on the internet. 
  • Some users may be offended by content they find on the internet. 
  • Restriction of a child’s access to the internet is the responsibility of the parent/legal guardian. The Library encourages parents to learn and explore the internet with their children and to supervise their use. 
  • Library staff is available to assist users in locating the information they need and to carry out administrative procedures in order to ensure compliance with this policy.

Any use of the Library Computers or Library Wireless in violation of this policy may result in the Library taking disciplinary actions, including termination of internet or Library privileges and appropriate legal action. Library staff is also subject to computer, internet, network, and e-mail use policies as outlined in the City’s Personnel Policy and Procedures Manual. 

If a patron observes inappropriate internet usage by another patron, they should report it directly to Library staff. Administrative procedures and guidelines for staff to follow in enforcing this policy have been established and are available for public review at the Library circulation desk or on the Library website ( Procedures to be used to handle complaints about this policy or its enforcement are available at the Library circulation desk. 


The Highland City Library Board originally developed and adopted an Internet and Online Access Policy on August 13, 2008. The policy was revised and adopted by the Library Board on April 22, 2019, and updated May 19, 2022. This policy will be reviewed by the Highland City Library Board at least every three years, and a copy of the new policy will be sent to the Utah State Library Division as required by Administrative Rule R458-2

 Internet Policy (PDF)

Staff Guidelines for Enforcement