Service Projects 2021

Come join us Tuesday, August 3rd, as we reach out to help those in need. You will have the option of working on any of 4 different service projects (see below). We want to give a big thank you to Mary Jean Ridges for helping head up these projects and make these opportunities to serve available to us!

1.  Quilts - most people know how to tie quilts or can be easily taught!  We have already "enveloped" around the edges, so once the tying has been completed which holds the batting in place with the top and bottom fabric, then the quilt is complete!

Blankets are given to homeless shelters, hospitals, refugees overseas, new mother programs and women shelters.

We are gearing up to make 10K quilts this March by joining forces with Create Space volunteers all over the US.  Also collecting quilts for Native American students. Thanks to Riley Blake Designs for donating thousands of yards of fabric for us to make such beautiful quilts!

2.  Plastic Sleeping Mats - see website for instructional videos

Donate to LHI (for refugees overseas), homeless, fire survivors, volcano victims.

These mats keep someone 40 degrees warmer - making the difference of freezing to death or not.  They give protection from the ground and are easy to clean.  A stuffed pillow of bag ends and crocheted bags for the handle make a complete sustainable solution for plastic bags.

3.  File folder games - simple coloring and cutting projects which can be done by families (parents helping small children) or youth groups.

Donate to Refugee school programs in Salt Lake City

Some of the file folders we provide are in different languages thus helping the children and refugee families learn English as they play a game together.

4.  Sensory Threading toys - colored and designed with permanent magic markers by families or youth groups.

Largely populated refugee schools in SLC

We are working to help provide each of the children with a box kit that will hold learning tools and supplies to help them learn at school and at home thus helping their parents learn as well.

Event Details:

When: Tuesday, August 3rd 

Time: 10:00AM - 12:00 PM 

Place: Highland City Hall 

Contact: Mary Jean Ridges,, 801-367-5710

Sponsored by:

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