Test Proctoring

The Highland City Library can administer exams for institutions including distance learning centers, colleges and universities, and licensing agencies. Staff members will act as proctors and will verify identification, ensure that the time limit for taking the test is adhered to, and see that the completed test is returned in the manner specified.

How much does it cost?

There is a $10 fee for each exam scheduled for proctoring plus the cost of any postage to return the exam by mail. Payment must be received at the time the exam is administered.

When is test proctoring available?

Proctoring services are available by prearranged appointment during library hours. Please schedule all exams at least one week in advance.

Please note that:

  • Tests can be administered in the study room near the circulation desk. The proctor does not stay in the room while the test is being taken, but will monitor from a distance.
  • Tests that have not been taken or rescheduled 30 days past the original test date will be discarded.
  • We will do our best to accommodate all requests, but staff schedules and technical challenges may interfere.

If any of the following conditions apply, the student will need to take the examination in another location:

  • In-room direct supervision of the testing is required.
  • Timing of individual sections of an exam is required.
  • Disabling of the internet or restricting of access to sites on the internet is required.
  • Group testing of multiple individuals is required.
  • Proctor’s personal information, such as a Social Security number, is required.

Additional test proctoring services are available at these local testing centers:

How do I begin the process?

Confer with the school or institution to make sure the Library’s Test Proctoring Policy meets the requirements for the test being taken.

Next, request an appointment by calling the Library. A librarian will get back to you as soon as possible verifying your appointment. Please be sure to include both the date/time you wish to take the test, and the length of the test.

Notify the school or institution of the Library’s address and any other pertinent information. The test will be sent to the Library from the school or institution.

Highland City Library

5400 W Civic Center Dr. Suite 2

Highland UT 84003


library email

What can I expect during my session?

  • Please arrive a few minutes before the scheduled time. Bring your photo ID, proctoring fee, and any allowable testing materials (e.g., calculator, pen, pencil, notes).
  • Test takers must follow all Library policies, including the Patron Behavior Policy.
  • A Highland City librarian will be scheduled to proctor the exam.  However, the proctor who begins supervising the exam may be replaced by another proctor before your exam is over.
  • We cannot guarantee a place free from distraction/noise or continuous monitoring throughout the exam. You will be in sight of the proctor and the proctor will check on you periodically. Library services take priority over proctoring.
  • Proctors cannot interpret test instructions or assist in technical matters for an online test.
  • Proctors will enforce any rules listed in exam materials that comply with this policy.
  • You or your testing institution is responsible for any postage required to return your exam by mail. Payment must be received before the test is mailed.

What happens once I finish the exam?

  • After the test is taken and the papers are signed indicating that the appropriate procedures were used, the Library will return the test for grading.
  • You are encouraged to contact your testing institution, after the exam, to make sure they have received your completed exam. Allow a few days for exams returned via postal mail.

Adopted by the Library Board on July 25, 2019.