Library Impact Stories

Libraries have the power to change lives.  Following are stories of real Highland City Library patrons and how the Library has impacted their lives.

  1. The Bushman Family
  2. The Rees Family
  3. Jenifer and Sarah
  4. The Johnson Family
  5. The Murdock Family
  6. The Craig Family
  7. Lowell Nelson
  8. Diana Elder
  9. Jacqueline Roettger
  10. The Wadsworth Family

A large happy family

Highland City Library Patrons of the Year 2021

The Friends of the Highland City Library are excited to announce that the Dannen and Claudia Bushman family has been chosen as the “Highland City Library Patrons of the Year for 2021.”

When Dannen and Claudia Bushman moved to Highland two years ago, they quickly found that the Highland City Library was a happy place for their family to be. "Not many places are excited when you show up with six kids," Claudia says, "but the librarians are always welcoming." Kyla (12), Bailey (10), Brooke (9), Bratcher (5), Emilia (5), and Allison (2) have all enjoyed the many programs offered at the library as well as the stacks of books they have been able to take home.

The smallest Bushmans have participated in Baby Bookworms and love singing with Sammie. They enjoy Story Time with Ms. D. The older girls often attend the Tween STEAM program with Devin. They also enjoy the Parent/Child Book Club, being able to read books with their parents and discuss them together. Kyla especially likes the Wings of Fire series, and she and Bailey are fans of both the Michael Vey and the Fablehaven series. Everyone loves the summer reading program and all the other activities the library sponsors in the summer.

Nine-year-old Brooke has special needs. Claudia says that many people see a non-verbal child in a wheelchair and don't pay much attention to them, but the librarians have been absolutely awesome with her, including her in the programs and activities. They make sure Brooke can see the books and pictures during Story Time. They include her in as many activities in the summer reading program as possible, so she can listen to and watch what the other kids are doing. At the Super Hero activity, the librarians helped her participate in some of the activities with parental assistance. Brooke likes to be read to, so she is contented and appreciated at the library.

The Bushmans haven't been able to visit the library as regularly during the pandemic. With a high-risk-daughter, they are cautious about taking her out or getting the other family members exposed. During the lockdown, they were able to get library books with curbside pickup. They continue to get lots of audio books and e-books through Libby, Overdrive, and RB Digital. They are also enjoying the new TumbleBooks programs. They love being able to access so many options with their library cards.

Claudia writes, "I just love that the library is a place where we can go and be accepted and wanted and loved." The library staff is just as enthusiastic about the contribution the Bushmans make to the library. Library Director Donna Cardon says, "The Bushmans are such avid library supporters. They attend several of our programs and are always ready with expressions of appreciation. I was especially touched when a teenage sister brought her younger sister to the Parent/Child book club. They are just a great family."

Families can access so much with their library card.