Library Impact Stories

Libraries have the power to change lives.  Following are stories of real Highland City Library patrons and how the Library has impacted their lives.

  1. Jenifer and Sarah
  2. The Bushman Family
  3. The Johnson Family
  4. The Murdock Family
  5. The Craig Family
  6. Lowell Nelson
  7. Diana Elder
  8. Jacqueline Roettger

Picture of two MomsFor Love of The Library: Two Story Time Moms


When Jenifer Kidd moved into her Highland neighborhood some 3 ½ years ago, it was almost like a homecoming.   Her grandmother, Darlene Stice Van Werkhoven, was raised in Highland in the log cabin now located in Heritage Park.  Jenifer also met a new neighbor, Sarah Harris, and the two of them and their children became fast friends. Sarah invited Jenifer to attend story time at the Highland City Library and it soon became one of their favorite activities to do together with their children.   

For Sarah, attending library story time is a long and cherished tradition.  It started in Lehi where her two oldest children Mariah and Mitt were born.  At that time there was a main and a branch library so Sarah and her children attended story time twice a week.  When the family moved to Charlotte, North Carolina in 2012, where Sarah's daughter Heidi was born, the first order of business was to find the local library and attend story time.   

“We loved the small town library feel so much there,” Sarah says, “and having a mom with 3 kids aged 5 and younger attending weekly story time certainly wasn't the norm in North Carolina.”     

Jenifer feels the same as Sarah about library story time.  Since being invited by Sarah to attend story time at the Highland City Library, she has attended weekly with her son Jude, now 6, who enjoys being there with his mom and Sarah's son Howie, also 6, who is one of his best friends.  They started story time with Miss Janice then Miss Gretchen and since last year, Miss Dorraine or Miss D, whom they love.  

“We come every week to hear stories, sing songs, do crafts, check out library books and see our friends—the librarians,” says Jenifer. “Our week is brighter because of story time and Miss D.  And every librarian is extremely sweet to Jude and knows his name. They say hello to him and make him feel special.”   

They also notice small things as when Jude had his hair cut or when he brings his older sisters along.  The library staff make them feel special too.  

For Sarah, it's a poignant time with Miss D.  “She has made this, my last year with my youngest kid before he, too, joins his siblings in full-time school, so enjoyable and full of laughter and fun every single week.”

Jenifer gives credit to all those who work at the library for making their time there so special. She says that because of the pandemic, story time during 2020 was challenging and that they missed attending regular story time.  Still, the library staff made it possible during the summer to attend story time at the park and then in-person story time again with social distancing and the wearing of masks.

“I am grateful for story time and the friendships I have made with the dear librarians who are cheerful and welcoming to children,” Jenifer says.  “I feel loved and happy to be part of the service they provide.”  

For Sarah, after years of attending library story time and having seen each of her four children benefit from story time before moving on, she continues to value what the Highland City Library has to offer including Teen STEAM and the summer and winter reading programs.  

“So even though, after 14 ½ years of weekly story time attendance I am down to my last few months, I know the Highland City Library is a place that we will always visit, cherish and make memories with on a regular basis.”  

In 2020, despite the pandemic, the Library provided fun and educational story times for 2139 kids and parents. Story times teach a range of early literacy skill that help children be prepared to be successful in school.