Tween STEM: ages 9-12

Devin is the Tween Stem teacher

Virtual Tween STEM

Check back each week as we add a new virtual Tween STEM class prepared by our own Ms Devin.

Our Virtual STEM programs help meet state Core Standards.

  1. Poetry Month
  2. Ocean Endangered Animals: Arctic
  3. Ocean endangered animals: The Galapagos
  4. Bees

Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month and the Library is having a Poetry Competition. If you enter, you could win good prizes.

I know - sigh - poetry. Some of us love it, some of us are bored by it. But if you think it isn’t fun, you might be reading it wrong!

Poetry is meant to be listened to or read aloud. By reading it aloud you can hear a rhythm. If you are not sure what the rhythm is, clap or stomp for each syllable. For example, the word "above" would get two claps "a - bove". The word "my" would get only one clap, so would the word "bed". So the line would read "a (clap) bove (clap) my (clap) bed (clap). Once you have figured out the rhythm try reading a poem out loud to someone and then have them read out loud to you. This is a lot more fun then reading poetry silently (promise!).

If you want to hear a poem read aloud click here. This is the famous poem "The Raven" by Edgar Allen Poe, read by James Earl Jones who is the voice for Mufasa in Disney’s "The Lion King" and also played Darth Vader in "Star Wars!" This poem is thought of as a spooky poem. It is about a man who is sitting all alone in his house on a dark and stormy night. He is thinking about a beautiful girl named Lenore who he loves, but has lost.  Then he hears a tapping noise on his door, but when he opens it, no one is there. Then he hears a tapping on his window, and when he opens the window, he finds a Raven. Though he asks the Raven its name and lots of other questions the Raven only says "Nevermore." Creepy right?

If you think understanding poetry is hard - its okay, you’re right! To help you a little, here are some funny videos from Crash Course.

Emily Dickinson

Langston Hughes

If you want to try writing some fun poetry yourself here are some ideas of things you could write about:

  • Burritos
  • PB&J
  • Rainbows
  • Pets
  • Grilled Cheese
  • Taxes
  • High Fives
  • Earth Day
  • Stress
  • Laundry

Here are some fun poems Miss Devin wrote just for you.

  1. Asian Endangered Animals: Pandas
  2. Asian Endangered Animals: Eastern Himalayas
  3. Asian Endangered Animals: AMur-Heilong
  4. Southeast Asian endangered Animals: Borneo and Sumatra
  5. Ocean Endangered Animals: Coral Triangle

A panda in the wild

Asian Endangered Animals: Pandas

Have you ever seen a panda? These cute bears are beloved around the world, but difficult to see. Ms Devin has put together a slide show presentation about them with lots of cool facts. To learn more about the Giant Panda click here.

The Smithsonian National Zoo has a Panda Cam! To catch a glimpse of the pandas click here.