Inclusivity: Learn, Feel, Act

With the tragic events and protests that have transpired across the country, Highland City is motivated to affect positive change in our own community. While the focus now is addressing the experiences of the Black members of our community, our long-term goal is to create a community of inclusivity for all by becoming more aware of the feelings any of our friends and neighbors who may feel excluded because of a variety of factors. 


On June 10, the City hosted an event to address local race issues, "Building a More Racially Inclusive Community." A video of the event is available to watch through the Highland City YouTube channel.

On August 12 the City hosted an additional discussion on "Building a More Racially Inclusive Community." A video of the event is available to watch through the Highland City YouTube channel.

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Members of the Inclusivity Committee (see below) have compiled a number of resources available for individuals seeking to understand racism, inequality, inequity and anti-racism. These resources include information on unconscious bias, podcasts and videos, documentaries and movies, books, research and more and are available at


The City and local residents have come together to develop and sponsor a program called Learn, Feel, Act to help provide greater understanding of the life experiences the Black individuals in our community. The program encompasses three steps and can be personalized to what works best for your family. See the details below or download the instructions to get started.

Step One: Learn 

The program is similar to your typical "summer reading program" with recommended books, movies, and materials available through the library and online to provide greater understanding. There are varied levels of materials appropriate for children, teens, young adults, and adults to pick and choose what may interest you and is appropriate for your family.

Step Two: Feel 

Allow yourself to recognize your feelings as you learn and let those feelings motivate you toward positive action.

Step Three: Act

Take a positive action to solidify what you have learned.

Finally, share with your friends or family or the City what you’ve learned through this program.


Turn in your completed form to City Hall or submit it online.

Every family who completes the program will earn a sticker cling decal that shows off their commitment to inclusivity. In addition, the first 100 families who complete the program will earn two t-shirts.

Program Instructions


The Mayor and City Council have formed an Ad Hoc Inclusivity Committee to plan and manage events and programs intended to ensure that individual residents feel safe and welcome in all aspects of our community. Currently the committee is focused on issues related to race, however in the future they plan to expand their focus to other groups who are excluded because of a variety of factors.

Next Steps - Continued Involvement

If you are interested in helping to support the Learn, Feel, Act program, you can financially contribute through the Highland Foundation via Venmo or Paypal at You can also contact Mayor Mann or Councilmember Brittney Bills to get further involved.