2023 Candidate Bios


Kim Rodela
6565 W 10380 N
(801) 692-3091

As a current member of the Highland City Council, I have strived to make sure residents are heard and to research out each agenda item before making a decision.  My mantra when it comes to navigating Highland issues with residents is “Say yes until you have to say no.  And if you have to say no, make sure they walk away with a clear understanding of why.”  

Current projects I am working on for Highland:

Mountain Ridge Park

This park is a project that I’m passionate about.  As a mom of 4 kids, I have worked hard to help put in something that can benefit everyone in our families.  There will be amenities for all-abilities and ages.  I hope to continue to finish this park over the next year and raise money from fundraising to ensure we stay fiscally conservative with our taxes.  

Economic Development

Highland is almost built out and we have few areas left to develop.  I want to ensure that our residential zoned areas stay consistent with our bedroom community feel.  I also will continue to work with our commercial zoned areas to bring in quality retail and food amenities.  

Let’s continue to make Highland great!