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Posted on: April 21, 2021

Open Space and Orphan Property Disposal

Open Space

The Council is reviewing requests for disposable open space parcels for 30 days!

At the City Council Meeting on April 20th, the Council discussed allowing the residents to submit requests regarding open space and orphan parcels that residents would like to purchase. The list below shows the parcels that have already been determined as sellable by Staff and the City Council (click the link to see aerial images of these parcels: Open Space Land Sale Aerial Images). For an open space parcel to qualify as "sellable", the decision by the Council will be made based on the following criteria: 

  1. If property is associated with a trail, it should be put on hold, unless the council determines the trail is not used and does not have infrastructure in the ground below.
  2. If the property adds to the “open space” feel of an open space neighborhood it should not be sold.
  3. If there are potential future city needs for the property, then we should hold.
  4. If the PI system cannot sustain adequate water pressure with the additional irrigatable acreage it should not be sold.
  5. Any property sold adjacent to a trail must allow the city to maintain ownership of the trail and 5 feet on both sides
  6. Property should not be disposed of if the transfer of property would result in the creation of orphan parcels.

If you would like to purchase a piece of open space adjacent to your property that is not on the list, please send your request to These requests will be taken until May 20th. They will be evaluated by the Council subcommittee and then presented to the Council. If you have any additional questions please call (801) 772-4506. 

In your request please include: 

  1. Name, address, and contact information
  2. An aerial image of the land you would like to purchase
  3. A short narrative explaining why the piece follows the criteria set forth by the City Council

The property list below will be reviewed annually and updated as appropriate. The process will be to discuss the parcels at a council meeting after the first of the year and then make a decision 30 days after.

Open Space Land Sale Aerial Images
open space list

For a clearer image of the list, click the link: Open Space Sellable List

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