Why doesn't the City offer curbside green waste?

In 2012 the City explored the possibility of adding curbside green waste removal. At the time we needed about half of Highland’s homes to sign up to add the service and there wasn’t enough interest. In addition, right now there is not a good disposal location for green waste. In the past, Timpanogos Special Service District took green waste, however, that service ended in June of 2020. When an alternative green waste disposal avenue becomes available, the City is open to again looking into the possibility of adding the service. In the interim, if you need an extra garbage can to dispose of your green waste, contact Highland City at (801) 756-5751

or fill out our online Garbage and Recycle Can Change Application. Having some amount of green waste in normal garbage landfills is helpful as the organic material helps other waste break down. Please note that if you do not keep a can for 12 months, there is a $10 retrieval fee.

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