Can I request something from another library?

Yes, you may request materials from other libraries through us. Simply come into the library and complete an Inter-library Loan request form and we will see if we can find it. There is a fee of $3 Inter-library Loan requests. Please be aware of the following when submitting requests: * Even if you find it in another library catalog, all our requests are managed by the State Library Division and they randomly ask libraries for the item (they only ask libraries for it if they know if they own it). * Libraries are often reluctant to loan new or popular items. They prefer to make them available for their own patrons first. Most videos and audio items are easily damaged in the mail so most libraries will be reluctant to loan those types of items as well. * Items may take a few days to several weeks to get it here. We not only have control over that, we don't know where they are or coming from!

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