What does a permit cost?
The permit fees are based on the cost (valuation) of the construction. A deposit fee of $500 is charged for all new residential and commercial plan submissions. This fee is payable upon submission of construction plans to the Building Department for review and is applied to the cost of the final building permit. Sheds, garages, remodels, additions, and basements need a $45 deposit. Pools require a $100 deposit. A state fee of 1% of the building permit fee is charged and sent to the state.

The fees are all different in Highland, depending upon what was paid at development stage. These fees are fixed for new single family residential permits and are as follows:

  • Sewer: $2,125.98

  • Timp. Sewer District: $1,708

  • Pressurized Irrigation: Determined by the permeable surface x .21

  • Parks: $4,378

  • Road: $2,843

  • Bond: $1,000

  • Public Safety: $1,115.67

  • Culinary Water Meter Hook-up: $536

  • PI Water Meter Hook-up: $372

  • Storm Water: $750

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