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Highland Glen Park Pavilion

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Admission Fee

$0 for Highland City resident reservations - $50.00 for Non-Highland City resident reservations


park rules

Pavilion Indemnification and Hold Harmless Agreement

Rental Agreement - COVID-19 Policy


  1. ADA Accessibility
  2. Bike Trail
  3. Drinking Fountain
  4. Electrical Outlet
  5. Fishing
  6. Fishing / Swimming Pond
  7. Grass Field
  8. Grill(s)
  9. Parking
  10. Pavilion
  11. Picnic Areas
  12. Picnic tables (seats approximately 100)
  13. Playground
  14. Sand Volleyball Court
  15. Walking Track

 *WATERBORNE PATHOGENS WARNING ADVISORY*; Due to high levels of E.Coli the water at Highland Glen is currently unsafe to swim or wade in. 
Reservations are only for the pavilion; the other areas of the park are available to the public for use.



Additional Features Details: 

  • Park size is 3.25 total acres.
  • Please note that there is not a lifeguard on duty - swim at own risk.  
    • See Utah Division of Wildlife Resources site for more information on fishing rules and regulations for community fisheries such as Highland Glen.
    • Fishing pond has a max depth of 17-18 feet at it's deepest.
  • Electrical outlet: capacity of 15 amps total (one fry pan, radio, slow cooker, or 1500 w). *Temporarily no power do to construction* 
    • If a circuit overloads, reduce the load and push the GFI reset.
    • Repeated tripping of the circuit breaker will cause the power to go out permanently.
    • Power will not be reset until the next business day.
    • If you fee that you need additional power (e.g. for wedding lights or large speaker system) you must furnish your own power via a portable generator.

Reservation Requests: 

  • Requests are accepted the first business day of each calendar year for that specific years' reservation season.  I.e. submitting a request on Jan 2, 2021 for a date in 2022.
  • Any requests for the following year will not be accepted.  I.e. submitting a request in October 2019 for a date in 2020.
  • Pavilion reservations are only accepted for dates between May 1 - September 30.
  • All other months are first-come, first-served. 
  • At least one week advanced notice is required for reservations as some dates may not be available due to City events, i.e. Highland Fling the last weekend in July through first weekend in August. 
  • Please be sure to also include setup and cleanup time into your requested reservation. 

Special Event Requests:

  • Large groups exceeding 200 individuals or groups with unusual requests will need to contact the City for special arrangements as a special event permit may be required. 
  • Groups playing music must conform to the Highland City Noise Ordinance 8.16.100 (quiet hours 10:00 p.m. - 7:00 a.m. for residential areas). 


  • If the reservation needs to be cancelled, payment will be refunded to the original form of payment provided the cancellation is made with at least five (5) days' notice to the processing clerk.
  • Cancellations after this time will not be eligible for refund.
  • Reservations may be cancelled on-site due to excessive noise by the Lone Peak Police Department or by otherwise not adhering to Park Rules.

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