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General Information
All development of the Highland City Cemetery such as interments, disinterment’s, plantings, landscaping, grading, record keeping, placement of grave markers, grounds keeping, construction and maintenance, improvement and beautifying of the grounds will be done under the supervision of the Sexton, with the City Recorder handling the record keeping.   

Please contact us 48 hours prior to any burial for our preparations.

The burial space and interment must be paid for prior to the opening of the grave site. Please see the fee schedule, to determine pricing.

Deceased person’s information is available by “Names in Stone”.

Acreage of Cemetery: 17 acres
Number of Plots: 10,221
Size of Plots: 4’ x 10’

For a map showing plots purchased (yellow) and plots buried (grey) Click Here 

Full Municipal Code on Cemetery Policies and Regulations

For any questions, please contact the Highland City Recorder, Cindy Quick at 801-772-4505 or .

Only one burial will be allowed per grave space, except for double depths. The Sexton may authorize combined parent-infant burials if, in the Sexton’s judgement, conditions at the lot allow for such combined burial.

Double depth burials are allowed in approved areas of the Cemetery provided the first burial is, or was, ordered for that purpose. Double depth burials require two vaults, and are subject to additional opening and closing fees. 

Monument Ownership and Responsibility 
Headstones are personal property. All monuments within the Cemetery are the property of burial right owners, their heirs or the responsible party that ordered and placed them. All care and upkeep of the monuments are the responsibility of the owners and/or heirs. The City will not be responsible for inadvertent scratches and chips that occur from routine maintenance. The City will not be responsible for repair or replacement of markers, including damage caused by nature.

Monument Placement and Size
Headstones must be stone, concrete, or another non-corroding durable composition.

All grave markers will be placed on a stone or cement foundation that is level with the ground  and at least four inches thick. All headstones must have a concrete border of four inches on all sides. 

For a single headstone, marker or monument, the concrete base shall not exceed forty-two inches in length (side to side). The concrete base shall not exceed twenty five-inches in width (top to bottom).

For a double headstone, marker or monument, the concrete base shall not exceed eight-four inches in length (side to side). The concrete base shall not exceed twenty five-inches in width (top to bottom).

Upright headstones are allowed.

All grave markers must be placed at the head of the grave. Exceptions to this apply only to Veterans, where one additional flush marker, supplied by the Veterans Administration, may be placed at the foot of the grave. The City retains the right to remove any marker which it determines to be unsightly or dangerous. 

Any placement of grave markers must contact the City Recorder at least 24 hours in advance to schedule a placement with the sexton. The sexton must be present for the placement.

Resale of Burial Rights
Owners of burial right certificates may only sell the right back to the City of Highland. The City agrees to repurchase any unused Burial Right for the current value. The certificate of burial rights must be turned in, or other documented proof of ownership must be given to the Recorder before the transaction can be accomplished.

All floral arrangements will be allowed for five days, after which the City may remove them. Glass containers are not allowed. Any objects such as wires, sticks, pegs, or irons driven into the ground are not allowed and will be removed immediately.

All decorations must be placed on, or within, the borders of the marker provided they do not interfere with the maintenance of the Cemetery. Decoration Cleanup Policy.