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Water Conservation
Notice of Outdoor Water Conservation

Highland City’s pressurized irrigation (PI) system is a valuable resource for residents. The City’s primary water source for the PI system is the American Fork River & water from Deer Creek Reservoir. Despite the amount of moisture received over the winter, we need residents to continue to conserve water as our data shows that our community uses 50% more water than needed to maintain yards. As residents, we need to reduce the amount of water used to ensure we have enough water for years to come. This can only happen if we all monitor our water use & do what we can to conserve.

In order to accomplish this, we are asking that you follow these guidelines to conserve water. These guidelines are meant to not only help us conserve water but also to help with the functionality of the PI system city-wide as it helps ensure everyone has enough pressure to water. Please follow the guidelines below:

Watering Schedule:
  • Even Numbered Street Address: Monday, Wednesday, & Friday
  • Odd Numbered Street Address: Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday
  • No Sunday Residential Watering. This allows the storage facilities to fill.
  • Recommended watering hours 6:00 p.m. - 10:00 a.m.

Prepare your lawn & yard by taking the following conservation measures:
  • Water deeper & less frequently
  • Mulch around outdoor plants & shrubs
  • Raise your mower to retain moisture near grass roots
  • Apply recommended fertilizer to lawns
  • Spot water dry spots with a hose instead of running a sprinkler cycle
  • Adjust sprinklers to water lawns, flowers, & gardens to avoid excessive flow & runoff onto sidewalks & streets
  • Adjust sprinkler timers through the year by turning off sprinklers after rain storms

Through proper utilization & conservation of our precious water resources, all residents will have sufficient water through the year & in years to come.

For questions, please contact the City Offices at 801-756-5751.

Newsletter Articles
March 2018
We have had a very mild winter. Even with the last couple of snow storms the state of Utah, including the Wasatch front, has experienced an abysmally low snow pack. The snowpack is roughly 40% of the average to date. As such, it is important to conserve outdoor water. Not only is water conservation important because of the low snow pack, but it also helps our water system to maintain proper pressures.

Unfortunately, water conservation has not been Highland’s practice in the past. Lawns require roughly 3 acre feet of water per irrigated acre over a year. During 2017, Highland City used 8,615 acre feet of pressurized irrigation which equates to roughly 6 acre feet of water per irrigated acre for residential use. In comparison, a recent study showed that other Cities outdoor water use is between 2.6 and 4.3 acre feet per irrigated acre.

We are asking all citizens to work with the City in conserving water this year. Watch for future posts on conservation tips and information.