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Common Code Violations
Building Without a Permit
A permit must be obtained for sheds, gazebos, additions, decks, pools, remodels, furnaces / air conditioners, water heaters, fences, and any other structures including gas, electrical, plumbing, or mechanical systems. Permits are also needed to move, remove, or demolish any structures. Accessory structures over 200 square feet also require a permit.

High Weeds & Vacant Lots
When weeds or other vegetation create a fire hazard or public safety issues or interfere with the public right of way, the Code Compliance Division may issue a notice or citation to the property owner requesting that the property be mowed or cleared.

Front Yard Landscaping
At least 70% of the area within the front or side yard is required to be landscaped within one year of the issuance of a certificate of occupancy.

Clear View Intersections
A clear vision area is measured 40 feet from an intersection. Within this area, no shrub, plant, tree, fence, or other opaque material can exceed three feet in height. Furthermore, tree limbs need to be trimmed so that they are not lower than six feet from the ground.

Commercial Vehicles 
Parking of commercial vehicles (vehicles, trailers, or construction equipment used for business) in residential zones shall be limited to one commercial vehicle not to exceed a one-ton chassis per lot.