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Applications & Fees

Planning Fee Summary
Summary of fees charged for services 
Subdivision Applications:

All Other Applications:
  • Conditional Use Permit – Review of a conditional use permit
  • Fence – Review of the location and design of fencing in single family subdivisions
  • Neighborhood Notification Meeting - An opportunity for the applicant to meet with citizens and other interested parties to share details of the planning approval request and receive comments regarding the proposal
  • Plat Amendment - The vacation, alteration, or amendment of a subdivision plat that is not a Property Line Adjustment, or amendment to a public utility easement or the creation of additional lots or parcels
  • Property Line Adjustment - The relocation or elimination of a common property line between two or more abutting properties
  • Retaining Wall – Review of the location and design of a retaining wall
  • Rezoning – A request to change the zoning on a piece of property
  • Sign – Review of freestanding, wall, or temporary signs
  • Site Plan – Review of a site plan for non-residential, townhome, and multifamily developments
  • Open Space Disposal - Disposal of Neighborhood Optional Trails
  • Temporary Use Permit - Temporary use of a property for businesses