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Park Facilities
Facility Maintenance

The Parks Department is in charge of cleaning and maintaining Highland City parks, play lots, and sports fields. There is a total of 3 full-time workers and 15 seasonal workers assigned to maintain these facilities. Restrooms are cleaned and stocked three times a week, trash is picked up weekly, and playground equipment is inspected for any safety issues or concerns.

Our crew makes the best attempt to clean our parks when they are vandalized or sprayed with graffiti. In order to keep our parks looking good, the lawns are mowed and weeded; bushes, hedges, and small trees are trimmed; and dead plants are replaced. All benches, tables, and wooden structures are repaired and repainted as needed. If you see any problems or have any concerns with parks, please report it through our Request Tracker

Park pavilion reservations can be made by viewing the Park Pavilion Rental page.

City Parks
  • Beacon Hills Park (5959 W Beacon Hill Blvd)
  • Canterbury North Park (6700 West and 10450 North; 10550 North and 6950 West)
  • Canterbury South Park (9721 North and 5920 West)
  • Canyon Oaks Campground (4000 West 11000 North)
  • Dry Creek Bench Park (11450 North Bull River Road and 11590 North Lone Rock Road)
  • Heritage Park (10400 North Alpine Highway)
    • DUP Cabin (10400 N Alpine Highway) For tours please call Donna Kitchen (801) 756-6579
  • Highland Glen Park (4800 West and Knight Avenue)
  • Lone Peak Grass Fields (10189 North 4800 West)
  • Merlin B. Larson Park (9600 North and 6000 West)
  • Mitchell Hollow Park (10325 North and 6530 West)
  • Town Center Meadows (5400 West 10700 North)
  • Town Center Splash Pad (10800 North 5400 West)  
  • Wimbleton Park (10120 North and 6580 West)
  • Windsor Meadows Park (5600 West Windsor Park Drive(9970 North))

For additional information, please contact Public Works at (801) 772-4515.