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Family Adventure Race

The Family Adventure Race is a family-oriented sprint adventure race with challenging and fun activities to test your family’s physical strength and mental acuity.  The race is geared toward families who love the outdoors and adventure. 

Teams will consist of 3-7 members, at least one adult and up to six kids, although other combinations will be considered.  There is no age limit for the kids, but the kids will have to be able to ride a bike on gravel roads.  Younger kids may have to be transported in bike carriers and backpacks.  Older kids (8 to 16) will probably have more fun, but smaller kids are welcome. 

The race will take approximately three hours to complete.  Teams will follow race clues while biking, canoeing and trekking to each checkpoint where they will complete challenging puzzles and fun tasks.  Each challenge must be completed before moving to the next, some must be completed by kids, others by the adults, while some require a mix of both.  Routes, tasks and challenges will remain secret until race day. 

Prizes will be great!

Date: Saturday, July 27th
Time: Check in at 9:30am, race begins at 10:00am
Place: Highland Glen Park Pavilion (west of Lone Peak High School)
Cost: $30 per team of 3-7 participants
Registration: by July 20th by 11pm

There will be a 30 team limit, waiting list will be provided after 30 teams and an afternoon round will be added once waitlist reaches 10 teams.

Contact: Drew Sparks,

Sponsor:  TF Point S