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Highland Family Histories
Collected Histories: (alphabetical by surname)

(Number(s) indicates position on Highland map)

Arza Matson and Sabrina ClarkAdams (95)


Silas Elmer and MarthaVenetta Boulter Adams (99)

Alexander Adamson


David Hutchison and JessieDiantha Myers Adamson (60)


Clyde Alexander and Barbara VComer Adamson (60)


Jesse LeGrand and CoraLoraine Beck Adamson (73)


Peter L and Sarah BlancheMyers Adamson (45)


Thomas Hutchinson and Lodema Pearl Christofferson Adamson


Virgil Myers and HelenGardner Adamson (73)

Orson Mar and Floretta Simpson Allen

Earl Samuel and Velma Rose Larson Allred (60)


Juston Peter and Isabell Robinson Allred

James LeRoy and Lillian EllenWilliams Alston


Ray Lester and Hannah PearlSouthwick Alston (58)

Richard Baker (23)

John Edward and Chloe Urinda Child Hoopes Barkdull (44)

Jacob Stephenson and Elizabeth Healey Beck (41)


James Vern and Gladys Lillian Johnson Beck (77?)


Peter Jacobsen and Isadora Jameson Beck


Reed Fields and Marjorie Featherstone Beck


Stephen Feramorz and Margaret Elizabeth Orr Beck (22 &41)

Nels Rudger and Viola Eugenia Roundy Benson

Thomas and Mary Louella Moyle Binns (28)

Galyn Elton and Jeanne Myers Blackburn (59)

Almira Christena Miller Bolander (76)

James Jasper and Elizabeth Jane Wilson Bolin (39)

Robert Ebenezer and Lovenia Jane Chipman Booth (25)   


Wayne Chipman and Lillian Clayson Booth (25)

Walter Fredrick and Esther Catherine Thomas Bowen (34)


Hannah Briggs (89) 


Don Lamb and Dora Heloise Day Bringhurst (17)


Joseph Bringhurst


Samuel Bringhurst 


William A Bringhurst (5)


James and Janet Adamson Brown

Alma Herman and Hazel Salina Loveridge Buhler (83 & 81)


Fred Loveridge and Ruby Rey Lee Buhler (14)


Herman Nephi and Glenna Fae Jorgensen Buhler (85 & 82)

Edward McQuarrie and Marguerite Annie Hyde Bunker (33)


Clarence and Jessie Maria Reid Burgess (55)


John W and Louise (Lou) Amelia Palmer Burnham


Thomas Douglas and Lilly Hansen Stewart Cannell


Francis Oscar Wilhelm and Sigrid Rosa Cedelia Soderberg Carlson


DeMar Kartchner and Marjorie Helen Brady Carroll (100)


Thomas George and Linda Ethel Clayton Carter


William and Catherine Matelda Armstrong Chadwick (north of 75)


Welcome Davis and Pearl Dye Chapman (22)

Garvin A and Mary Bennett Charlesworth


Peter Wimmer and Keziah Lovina Brady Cheney (49 most likely)


Aaron Hugh and Rachel Amanda Tadlock Cheney


George William and Anna Harmon Cherrington (9)


James Earl and Thelma Esma Strasburg Chidester (40)


Martin Sidney Louis and Ane Hedvig Johnsen Christiansen


George Lorenzo and Mary Jones Comer


Agrippa and Louisa Raymond Cooper


Charles Lorenzo and LaVerne Fox Crane (7)


George and Mary Grace Polly Wrigley Cunningham (62)


Abram Fitzgerald II and Sadie Buttars Dalley


James and Elizabeth Davis


Lewis Davis


Nathan Davis


William B Davis


Carl Fredrick and Lu Ella Bennett Day (22, 21 & 44)


Lawrence Earl and Lillie Buhler Day (78)


Louis Ereal and Elizabeth Roundy Day (23 & 15)


Melvin Robert and Eloyce Fuller Day (32)


Orville Cox and Otes Clysta Strasburg Day (36)


Orville Wayne and Ruby Buhler Day (16 & 79)


Ramon Dayel and Kenna Evelyn White Dean (67)


Ollie DeLoach


Rachel Sarah Loveridge Downs


Arnold and Jennive Clark Dransfield (8)


Myrtle Duffin


Edmund Franklin II and Nancy May Pectol Durfee (67)


Samuel and Leila Burden Eastman


William Jorgen and Sarah Elizabeth Rawson Elmer (49)


Leslie and Gai Fern Mangum Elmer (47)


Alma O and St. Claire (Jeanne) Meredith Erekson (28)


Oscar Edwin and Laura Lucinda Hatch Eskelson


Sherman Ralph and Mary Ellen “Peggy” Gunderson Evans (55)

Mark Boley and Rachel Myrtle Greenland Featherstone (12)


Edward David and Ann (Annie) Eliza Withers Ferguson


Elvernon and Eloise Viola Coult Ferguson (69 - power plant)


Melvin Alonzo and Vonda Tanner Forbush (89 & 90)


Lemual Dreston (or Drezden) and Mathilda Madalene Pehrson Francis


Arden Frandsen


Paul and Anne Kristine Elizabeth Pehrson Frederickson


John Hamilton and Sarah E Freebairn and Della Freebairn


James Fall and Pauline Kersten Poulsen Freestone (north of 34)


Paul George and Marcelene Bennett Davis Gauger (67)


Ether Lyman and Cornelia Adela Hanks Gerber


Dean A and Shirley Glade Sanders Gilbert (41)


Horace James (Hodge) and Marcia Ann Whiting Gillett (55)


William M and Martha Jane Gordon Givens


Clifton and Opal Hook Goff


Delbert A Gool


John Thomas and Mary Luetta Parker Gordon (76 & 46)


Moses Moore and Catherine Inman Gordon


Archibald (Archie) J and Jessie Margarette Pace Graham


William B and Margaret Hope Williams Graham


Benjamin Christopher and Eleanor Campbell Bringhurst Grainger


Franklin Thomas and Mary Jane Titcomb Gray (south of 2)


Charles A and Marjorie Estella Allred Greenland (1)


Charles T and Rachel Potter Greenland (9 & 3)


Charles Nephi and Bertha Hobbs Greenland (2)


Clarence and Maud Miller Greenland (north of 9, 3, 12, 2, & 11)


Francis Lewis and Simone Marthe Elise Clavel Greenland (2)


Henry Edgar and Marie Vera Larson Greenland (83 & 84)


Richard G and Darleen Ann Bunker Greenland


William John and Cressie Althera Loveridge Greenland (56 - gas station)


William Snow and Etta Caroline Cullimore Greenwood


Hyrum and Lue Emma Stephenson Groesbeck (40 & 63)


S M Groff 


Milton Mead and Martha Leonora Marsh Groo


Donald J and Joey Dian Mitchell Guymon


Clayton Oscar and Patricia Ann Hamilton Hall (98, 74, 76, & 29)


Herbert Harrison and Hannah Henrietta Carlisle Hall


Oscar Hurst and Nida Mary Adamson Hall (98 & 74)


Harold James and Nancy Ellen Tonge Hallet


Ellsworth “Bud” and Barbara Lucille Malan Hardy 


Richey and Mary Elizabeth Jenkins Harkness


Hyrum Harmon (12)


Jesse Martin and Sarah Ellen Holman Harmon


Laurence B and Minnie Barbara Oberhansley Harmon


Edward and Eva Christina Beck Zimmerman Harrison


John and Mary J Hart (north of 6)


Robert and Esther Irene Roundy Hartshorn


John Lawrence and Annie Ardella Miller Hatch


William Hattaway


William Oscar and Betty Naomi Dudley Hayes


Hyrum and Elvira Carson Healey (54)


John William and Josephine Strasburg Healey (97)


Lawrence LaMar and Emily Clara Cullimore Healey (41, 45, & 52)


Richard Joseph and Jane Amelia Winn Healey (north of 59)


John and Caroline Hegan (near 78)


Niels Christen and Karen Kerstine Nelson Heiselt (east of 73)


William and Elizabeth Walquist Mattock Hobbs  (2)


Clifton Webster and Jean Barker Hoover (44)


William and Susana Clifford Householder (east of 81)


Leonard John and Darcus Geneveave Davis Hyde (32)


Robert Ernest and Elizabeth Roundy Day Hyde (29, 25, & 3)


William Thomas II and Emily Dear Hyde (31)


William Thomas III and Norma Marie Christensen Tucker Hyde


Yukiyoshi Yukus and Mary Mitsuye Tanaka Inouye (22)

Minnie Jenkins


Ariel Arden and Veda Wynona Baker Jensen


Cyrus Swen and Alice Nelcena Strasburg Jensen (15)


Perry B and Verda Esplin Brown Jepperson


Carl Emil Harry and Velma Wing Jerling (62)


Emil Alexander and Emma Marie Pearson Jerling (57)


Mr. Jex 


Niels Peter and Ardell Holman Johnson (Johanson) (13)


Nile Riding and Josephine Sarah Nelson Johnson (88)


Vera Mary Adams Johnson


Robert Washington and Mary Ann Winn Jones


Johannes (John) Friedrich and Catharina (Catherine) Maria Laetari Jonsson (13)


Lawrence (Lorenz) Thomas and Marie Degelbeck Jonsson (6)


Paul Fred and Blanche LaDeane Bailey Jonsson (10)


Abraham Darrel and Afton Cook Jorgensen (100)


James Lisle and Lilly Fern Miller Kirk (76 & 12)


Hyrum and Henrietta McCloy Larsen (63)


Seth Julius and Lilly Thomsen Larsen (66)


Ludvig Mauritz (Maurice) and Vera Marie Featherstone Larson (4, 86)


Merlin Boley and Marie Busk Larson (94 & 93)


Donald Ralph and Rae Marie Jerling LeBaron (62 & 61)


James Horald and Jennie May Woodbury Lee (48)


William Merritt Bliss and Mina Ellen Lewis Lockwood (40 & 83)


Sarah Ann Hall Prothero Loveridge


William and Martha Cresswell Faulkner Scott Loveridge (57A)


James William and Lavina Mantle McDaniel


Mather McGivens 


William Scott and Ida Billie Cooper McLachlan


John Randolph and Vesta Savallia Heaps Mangum


Harry William and Esther Ann Colledge Manning


Ruel and Ethel Rose Hyde Nay Markham (88)


Albert E and Maud Ann Myers Marsh


Sylvester Marsh


Abraham Martin


John Burr and Sarah M Whiting Marvin


Cornelius Baxter and Genevieve Lewis Matthews


Robert B and Mariel D Maughan


Louis E O and Rosamond Palmer Maxfield (68)


Leland Wood and Lola Marie Lunbeck May (58)


Cecil Allred and Ellen Heloise Day Merkley


John Don and Rosella A Koch Miller (54)


Martin George and Emily Lavina Williams Miller (76 & 46)


Henry (Enrico) and Marielle Arline Park Morelli (83)


Burton Peter and Shirley Marie Hyde Mortensen (31)


Calvin W and Olive Pearl Boulton Moss (10)


William Middleton and Catherine Pennington Mower


Stephen and Mary Ann Kelly Moyle (approx #30-31)


George Collis and Ann Loughton Munns


Bennie Earl and Elva Whitby Myers (50)


George Yost and Mary Ann Whiting Myers (50)


Gilbert Yost and Elizabeth Grace Kitchen Myers (51)


Albert Theodore and Clara Derbyshire Nash


Noel Ephraim and Alta Blanche Adamson Nash (98)


Cyrus Leroy and Mary Catherine Burbidge Neff


Franklin Ferdinand and Bertha Rose Loader Nelson


Charles Wilholn and Elizabeth Ann Loveridge Nielsen


Leslie Wilford and Ila Steiner Nielson (83)


James Nielson


Austin and Emily Cleo Mortensen Olsen


James Copeland and Margaret Anne Ferrell Orr (54, 89, & 74)


Alma Pratt and Millie Louise Jones Pace (53 & 55)


Jerry Delane and Fern Lucinda Day Pace (55 & 53)


Alexander and Miriam Howard Park

Charles G Patterson


Clarence Norman and Johanna Peterson Pearson


Isaac Mahlon and Ellen Marie McDaniel Peck  (4)


Fredrick Christian and Lily May Roberts Peterson


Anders and Hanna(h) Svensson Phers(s)on (also Peherson, Pahercan)  (96) 


Niels Anders and Catharina Ploog Pherson


Charles Milton and Zelpha Paya Roberts Pitts


John and Sarah Ann Thirkell Poole (39)


Sydney A Potter


Alfred Hugh and Sarah Annie Mosley Powell (67)


Samuel Marsh and Lorena Marie Nielsen Powell (41)


Ann Overend Preece (south of 3)


John Heber and Isadora Jameson Beck Preece (west of 10?)


James and Alice Moon Pullen (Pulley) (east of 98)


Clifford Ray and Virginia Jackson Rasmussen


Hugo Julius and Marie Ruderisch Reimschiissel (89)


Richard Junior and Barbara Marie Greenland Reisner (86A)


George Davis and Mary Amanda Edwards Robinson


Ida Mae Rockwell Mitchell and Elizabeth Christina Rockwell


Ralph Willis and Kate Ruby Day Rogers (36, 15, & 18)


George and Erma Fanny Hyde Roseman (29)


George Wayne and Shirley Larson Roseman


Clarence and Nora Agnes Leonard Cheney Roundy


Heber Lorenzo and Elizabeth Frost Roundy (23 & 24)


Hyrum Waldo and Mary Ann Price Roundy


Samuel H and Eugenia Elmyra Taylor Roundy


William Lorenzo and Jane Jennie James Roundy


Joseph Newell and June Erickson Sargent

John Harry and Evaline Emily Mills Savill (5)


Edwin J and Catherine Sawyer (83) 


Elsie Elizabeth and Esther Lydia Schmied (10)


Edward and Margaret (Maggie) Mellor Scott


William Sharp


Thelma Shields


Willard John and Sylvia Frances Bromley Shipley (23)


David Gower Simmons


Basil Wayne and Shirley LaVerne Marshall Skousen (28)


Lyman and Juanita Winters Smart


Smead:  See Schmied


Harold Smith 


Hyrum Junior and Birdie Estella Mitchell Smith (24)


James and Martha Elizabeth Eves Edney Smith


John LaVere (Jack) Smith (probably 15)


Joseph P and Jane Elizabeth Kemp Smith (24)


Peter John and Ellen (Hellen) Pryor Smith (24)


Harvey Morton and Sylvia Maude Francis Speer (9)


George Spratley (87)


Andrew Jackson III and Helena Roseberry Young Stewart (8)


Rufus Boyd and Blanche Louise Roundy Stice (5 & 5A)


Rufus Jesse and Alice Speer Stice


Edgar and Myrtle Leona Ehler Strain (32)


David and Melba Rogers Strasburg (83 & 38)


Evar Merl and Esma Ann Goode Strasburg (39, 5, 77, & 37)


George and Mary Elizabeth Taylor Strasburg (39)


Glen and Dorothy Chipman Strasburg (37 & 41)


Henry Louis and Cora Palmer Strasburg (80, 2, 12, & 23)


Louis Henry and Fredricka Honeck Strasburg (39)


Carl John Hyrum and Jenny Isabella Borgeson Sundstrom


Archie Russon and Ruby Myrtle Gillett Taylor


James E and Merintha Deseret (Dessia) Harrison Taylor


James X and Eliza Russon Taylor


Wm. Telford (near 2)


Andrew Thompson (67)


Reed Shelley and Ruth West Thompson (23)


John Francis and Mary Pauline Jensen Titcomb 


Orson P and Joey Bernice Duncan Tolman


Venoy James and Eva Buhler Turner (87)


William Dorris and Abigail Pond Van Noy


Johannes John Henri and Mary Jane Pickering van Steeter (5)


Louis (Lewis) Jefferson and Mary Frances Ferrell Vance (probably 67)


LeRoy and Leah Marie James Craig Wagstaff (12)


Kazuno Kawahara Waki (16)


Sam Masami and Ternko S Nabeto Waki (16)


Thomas and Hannah Finney Walker


William and Ellen Banks Smith Walker (22)


Jackson Charles and Ellen “Nellie” Thomas Wanlass (69)


Charles Albert and Nettie Curtis Busk Warenski


Thomas and Elsie Elizabeth Palmer Warren (44)


William and Elizabeth Trathen Warren (49)


William Jr and Margaret Warren


Carlos Bernell and Hertha Amelia Fehlberg Watkins (21)


Charles Ethelbert and Amanda Irene Cox Watson


Sam Webb


Boise Alexander and Emma Christine Miller Wells (76)


Alma Henry and Alice Drake West (70)


LaRae West


Mary Ann Creswell Weston (62)


William Joseph and Nellie Elizabeth Noble Westwood


George Frederick and Eleanor Harper White (21)


Kenneth and Lucia Evelyn Blackham White (20)


Mark Irvin and Erma Deane Messersmith White (16, 15, 71, 72)


Roy and Arvina Wood White (67)


John and Ann Pinfold Whiting (44)


John Brigham and Sarah Ann Sheppard Whiting (42)


William James and Rebecca Ann Hennefer Whiting


James Hurren and Louisa Armstrong Binns Wight (41)


James Roy and Ruby Dean Miller Wight


Ollie Wilcot


William Wilcox


Daniel William and Lucy Callis Williams Wilde (100)


William Willimott


Lawson Green and Elmina Green Wilson


Edward W and Mary Ann Trinnaman Winn (74)


Edward William and Marguerite Adamson Winn (75)


Richard Thomas and Annie Clara Thompson Withers


Tobe Woods


Maria Wortley


William and Ora Rasmussen York


George Albert and Anna Christena Jensen Zabriskie (21)

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